State Park sex

I haven't seen my lover since Feb. Some of it because of work schedules. Some of it is she works in a hospital. We met in town and I drove to the state park nearby. The upper part of the park was open, its some what out of the way. We drove up there and set out some wine and cheese. We was sipping wine talking in person for the first time in months. There was some picnic tables near the parking lot. The night before I sent her a text to wear a dress. I was just kidding, she wore a dress. After some heavy kissing and petting. We had both passenger doors open on my truck. She was bent over on the passenger seat. I entered her and had some mind blowing sex. Went back to the picnic table and sipped some more wine. Then went back for a repeat. We are both grandparents. I'm 60 and she is 55, acted like horny teenagers that afternoon. Our work schedules match again in 3 weeks

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