My wife’s niece

My wife has a niece that stays with us on the weekends. She would always sit next to me with the covers over and the lights off. One night I went into the bathroom to shower and I saw that she had left her phone in there. I was curious to go through her phone, and I went into her gallery and I saw tons of pictures of her, some completely nude And a lot of them of her in her underwear and top less. She is 16 and she looked amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I turned the shower on and took my clothes off getting ready to jack off to her pictures. While I scrolled through them I started stroking myself. I was literally really fukn hard. While I was jacking off I heard a knock on the door asking me if her phone was there and I smiled to myself and said yeah, she asked me if I can open the door just so she can grab it. I remember her saying, you better not go through it laughing. I wrapped a towel around myself to open the door but I planned to drop my towel like if it was an accident lol I just wanted her to take a glimpse of how hard I was. All I needed was for that image of my dick to be in her head. When I opened the door and went to give her the phone I let it drop. Almost immediately I saw her look down and she froze, I grabbed the towel and told her I was really sorry, that I was embarrassed. She walked back to the living room and I went to grab clothes from my room. When I went back to the living room I sat across from her And we just smiled. That’s when I txtD her to say sorry Again and she said it was ok. She asked me that if it was always like that or was I hard for a reason. I told her that whatever we’re txting that we need to delete and she said ok. I confessed to her that it was like that because I was jacking off and she turned and looked at me with a smile. I told her I got hard because I saw her pictures and it just turned me on. At first she was playing shy but she said well now you have to send me one because you saw mine. I went ant took some and I sent them to her but told her I wanted some of those pictures of her so I got some also. When my wife went to bed we kept msging dirty things. I went to go sit next to her and and started touching her ass and between her legs over her leggings. All she did was make sure we wer covered so we won’t get caught. I pulled her leggings down to her thighs and went into her underwear. My dick was literally throbbing I layed back and pulled my shorts down just enough to get my cock out. She wanted me to stroke it in front of her and I told her I had a better idea. I went to my room and pulled out a pocket pussy that I had and went back, i told her I want her to watch me fuck that toy. I layed back and put my dick inside. I would moan just a bit to turn her on. After a few minutes I asked her to help hold it so I can fuck it in her hands standing up. She held it up and I stood up and put it inside. When I started I told her to pretend she was giving me a handjob. She was doing all the work with her hands and It felt so good. I couldn’t help it anymore I really Wanted to cum. I was breathing heavily telling her not to stop so I can could cum. I exploded inside that toy. When I pulled it out she saw how hard I still was and how wet it was from all the lube. She went to grab it and started with her hand, she was doing it slow but making sure to stroke it from the back to the tip. Within a minute I exploded on her hand.

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  • Sounds like a porn story

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