Where the fuck did COVID go

Remember back in February when everyone started freaking out about COVID?
Remember going into a lockdown because that was the safe and responsible thing to do, eventhough it would mean destroying our own economy?
Remember when the Democratic governors where arresting people who defied their orders, like the governors are Kings of the land?

I only have two question now...

I been saying all along since this whole thing started that it was nothing but mass hysteria created by the FUCKING media for a political agenda. MANY people fucking argued with me, including friends, family, and business. I told you all then this was HUGE mistake, but did ANYONE fucking listen to me? NO. This fucking mess caused people to lose their jobs, it caused me to lose my FUCKING pay raise for the year.
AND WHY? Because you fucking people are a bunch a dumb motherfuckers who believe every FUCKING THING THE FAKE ASS MEDIA TELLS YOU.

FUCK you motherfucking worthless assholes for NOT listening and costing me my FUCKING pay raise for the year.. You all are the biggest bunch a dumb fucking retards on the planet.

And now you same motherfuckers have fallen head first into the NEXT FUCKING POLITICAL SCAM. What the fuck is wrong with you fucking people? There is no hope for humans. For this fucking species being so smart, there are an awful lot of dumb fucking people.

THINK PEOPLE, THINK. That's why God gave you a FUCKING brain. Start using it for fuck sake.

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  • This guy is one of the fucking morons destroying our economy …..

  • Wait until you have two of your family members die from it, then tell me it's a hoax you fucking moron. In my case, the family members were ages 38 and 44 respectively. Perfectly healthy with no underlying conditions.

  • Man, really sorry you lost your FUCKING pay raise for the year. Hang in there MAGA boy, you might get that assistant manager job at Micky D's by the time you're forty.

  • And where do you work? Oh that's right, you don't work because you still live at home with mommy and daddy. Meanwhile I have a career job with a $120k salary a year. Yes I'm pissed because dum motherfucking retarded like you want to believe fake ass shit in the news. I was planning on buying a bigger fucking boat this summer, one I could take my whole family on, but no, you dumb fucking retards fucked that up for me. Bunch a asshole motherfucking retarded.

  • You stupid white trash dumb fuck, 113k people have died from it. It kills you my stopping your lungs from absorbing oxygen and you suffocate. So yes I hope all you dumb fuck Trump supporters go to his rallies with his whore wife and Fox News prostitutes and spread it even more among yourselves, then more and more of you idiots die off and do it in a way that makes it great again then the USA is a better place. So please please gather in crowds with no mask and cough all over each other, don’t wash your hands or anyone. Then go to your false god church and do it even more. I hope you all fucking die.

  • White trash??? What the fuck asshole...

  • But its alright for you dumb fucking nigger lovers to right and burn down the fucking community together. Hypothetically two face FUCK. I hope some dumb fucking nigger stabs you and your family. Would be a fitting end of karma for your dumb fake ass.

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