I gave into temptation with my daughter

After years of thoughts and fantasies, I finally got my cock out while my daughter was in the bath..... she didn't actually mind and she has learnt over a few weeks to suck on it..... how do i go about fucking her?

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  • Make it into a game or say you want her to be a good girl for daddy and make daddy happy. Not so much a guilt trip entirely but basically making her feel like if she loves you and wants you happy she will let daddy play. That’s what my dad started off doing. I loved sucking him off from since I first remember. I couldn’t get it all in my mouth but I loved how happy and excited he’d get. The more he said oh baby so good or stuff like that I tried harder. Then it was, daddy has had a hard day will you make daddy feel better and let daddy do this or that. My mom never suspected anything she just thought we were close and she as always so proud of that. He’d take me on fishing trips which consisted of me naked in the tent most of the time. I honestly love it even tho I know it’s totally wrong. I love how he makes me feel and I love taking care of his needs. My mom only can do so much and she doesn’t let him be him self. During quarantine I thought we were in trouble because my dads friend came over and my dad sitting on the sofa was I was on the floor between his legs which is a typical thing, he holds my face and moved it up and down on his cock. His eyes are always closed and I’m always concentrating so we didn’t notice his closest work buddy had been standing there for who knows how long. I was so scared and stressed out. I ran into my room and suddenly my dad is in my door way telling me how I should should his friend how good I am at kissing winkies which is what my dad calls it. His buddy is younger and good looking and I got really turned on by it my dad liked watching which I didn’t think he expected to. He was telling me what to do and then he started fucking me telling his buddy to also. It hurt both but it felt so good. Now my dad wants to have me go to his poker night so I think he wants to share me more. Lol. Don’t know if that might. W more than I can handle but I’m not gonna say no. I like it a lot

  • Talk her into letting you eat her pussy , then start to FINGER-FUCK her ! She'll
    won't have any problem when you ask to fuck her ! And don't forget her ass !
    Might as well BUTT-FUCK her too !!

  • Don't be disrespectful

  • It gives real meaning to the term "daddy's girl". Isn't it funny how many girls like to call you daddy in bed?

  • I think every father is tempted by their daughter at one stage or another. Anyone who says they are not or haven't been is a bullshiter!

  • So true! My daughter is 16 and if I had the chance I would definitely fuck her!

  • If she has sucked your cock, I wouldn't think there is a problem with full sex, get in the bath with her, or dry her off when she gets out, Tell more.

  • I think sex is definitely on the cards!!

  • I wonder how many fathers have been tempted by their daughters? Especially as their daughters get older and become super hot!

  • I did my daughter when she turned 16 ( knocked her up ) then did her daughter in the ass when she was 9 ! A big happy family !

  • Yeah right🙄

  • No info coming with this post! Lol

  • How old and how hot

  • Totally!

  • Is she old enough?

  • Just Go for it!

  • Forget it ! You're a weak, damaged, lower life form who would cum before you even parted her legs. Her pussy is destined for better things than the likes of you !

  • Very harsh

  • You don't.

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