My wife has told me all about her sex life with guys.

She told me that she first had sex at 13.the guys were 16 to name it she has done at house party with anywhere from 5 to 25 guys. Danced naked. Got gangbanged more times than she can remember. I said you have any idea. More than a hundred. She said she fucked men as old as 85.she has big tits even at 13 yrs old. I could go on and on. This went on till she was 45.i kinda got excited about the stories. Guess on her part she had close to one thousand guys i still love her we been married 18 years. It's almost unbelievable

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  • My husband always likes to hear about my sex life before we met

  • Generally my wife does not like talking about her past which is ok with me From time to time she does slip and tells me some of her past exploits. which is quit extensive. She has had 2 guys do her at once, she has had several different men in the same night, she has had a dozen married men on and off in her life and she loves doing one or 2 of her ex lovers.
    Been married 10 yrs and I must admit i love hearing stories of her lovers, we usually screw our brains out as a result.

  • My boyfriend like's hearing about my sexual past, too.

  • Hmm sounds like my ex wife Linda !

  • Past is past. I am bisexual and told my wife before we got married that I was. Then told her I am only marring her and don't cheat. We have been married 20 years. So for our 20th anniversary she asked me if I wanted a 3 way. I laughed and she said she meant it. Do I want her and another women or her and another guy or we could make a deal she gets 2 guys and I get 2 guys. It all worked out. FYI I took Her myself and another guy and she loved it. So did I.

  • And I thought my wife was a slut. She's like a nun now. "was sewing my wild oats." Still my slut in the sack.

  • Everyone normally had a past. What does it matter?

  • Bit of a slut I think

  • I agree nasty mf turned on by that if i fuck her while he watches he love her more

  • She sounds great!

  • Did she continue after you were married?

  • Mine does, she can't help herself

  • Cherish her

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