A lady online is offering to pay me for sex.

Should I say yes? I’m scared, because she thinks I’m 18 but I’m really 14 and she’ll find out for sure when we meet.

She wants to film it for a website.

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  • Get a fake idea then fuck the bitch. If it goes south don't worry your a minor and she will go to jail. What's the worst that can happen for you? Your mommy spank your little 14 year ole ass? Just saying go for it.

  • Meet in a public place to get acquainted. Judge things from there.

  • Meet her first and talk about what actually she is looking for. Many mature woman are interested young cocks. If it is her case than go ahead BUT do not allow to film the sessions.

  • Kid it's a scam

  • How much is the lady offering to pay you?

  • 100 dollars and shopping at H&M

  • Definitely not. Hope you are OK

  • As you posted this 10 days ago, please tell us what you decided. If you are still alive.

  • Don't do it your being scammed

  • People are so dumb.. what makes you think the person you're talking to is a woman?

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