Pandemic Blues......I Miss My Wife’s Pussy

When this pandemic began I thought it was a 2 week lockdown and everything would be back to normal. Normal for me is married at the age of 50, and battling Erectile dysfunction.

My wife is 40 and still very fit and attractive. I can eat her pussy all day and night and when we are together and sexually active I do. However when it comes to fucking; forget about it. The little guy just won’t stay hard and even when he does, he’s not big enough to give her any real sexual pleasure (that she deserves).

My wife Seems to be ok with having me eat her pussy, because I take a great deal of time and effort into giving her the most pleasure That I can but I could tell there was a frustration that she was not getting done the way her friends do and it was equally building on my mind.

We were on vacation In St. Maarten in August and met a couple of Pharmaceutical sales reps who were there doing some “work related” business and got to know them on our second night once they had finished up with their drug launch promotion. They have their evenings free. As it turns out, they both live about 45 minutes from us but about 7 minutes from where my wife works. Both of them are good looking, fit young guys in their late 20’s. We joked around quite a bit as I’m young at heart. They both commented on how lucky I am to have a great looking wife at my age, and my wife enjoyed flirting with them. I told them, “I know” and jokingly said, “you know if she’s a willing participant the 2 of you could tag team her while your here” and winked at them. I could tell that they were not sure if I was joking or not. Through the conversation they mentioned they had the next 2 days off. The wheels started turning. I told them that me and my wife were going down to Orient Beach (Nude Beach) in St.Maarten. They said they were planning to get away and go there as well at some point. I said, “why don’t we take a cab down together and split the fair”. One of them who took particular note of my wife said sure before the other could say anything first. I went and told my wife that Jeremy and Jacob were going to orient beach in the morning and invited us along. She raised her sunglasses and said, “are you kidding”. I said “no”.

Next morning we packed our beach bags and met them for breakfast and took a cab down. She sat in the back with them as I’m a bigger guy. As we drove I said, “I better not be the only one going The Full Monty”. My wife quickly responded that she’ll be leaving her bottom on as she’s didn’t want to get an infection down there. I looked in the rear view mirror at Jeremy and Jake and they just srugged their shoulder and said “I’m in”, one at a time. The cab driver was smiling through all of this. When we got there, we undressed prior to entering the entrance for the nude beach as it is connected by a small strip to another beach. I put my sunglasses on, as did my wife and we tried to not make it obvious to each other and to J & J that we were really curious as to what they were packing, but holy crap they were both ripped and hung beyond my expectations. We found an umbrella and 4 reclining beach chairs. I positioned them so that my wife and I were on one side and they were across from us on a bit of an angle so that we weren’t face to face but do that she had a great view of the both of them the entire time. I asked my wife if she wanted me to apply sun screen, I lathered her up nicely (front and back) taking my time and rubbing her down as though she was entering a body building competition. I asked if she could return the favour and she did. I made sure she did my butt very well as well as my little fella and balls from the back and the front. I told J & J they’d better put some on or they’d cook their not so private’s in the Caribbean sun. They looked at each other and realized (Being young) that they didn’t bring any sun screen and we’re a bit embarrassed. I told my wife she’d better grease them up while I go and get us some drinks. The beach bar was a short distance so that I could see her apply the lotion. Just as she did with me; neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, Cock and balls then butt. Front side; neck, shoulders, arms, legs, Cock and balls and abdomen last. My wife always insists 30 minutes prior to going in the water.

I arrived back with 3 Coronas and a mamosa for my wife. They were all lying in their chairs, my wife pretending to read a book and the 2 of them lying nervously trying to make conversation with their massive 7” and 9” respective boners. After 1/2 hit they went in the water relieved, and my wife’s only words were “holy fuck”.

We went back to the resort and joined them for dinner later that evening and indicated that we were going back tomorrow and asked if they’d join us again. I had a plan. I ordered some raw fish for dinner, we went to a show together and my wife and I went back to our room. I pretended to be violently sick that night. My wife asked if I wanted to cancel our beach date with J & J. I said let’s see how I feel in the morning. We met again for breakfast ready to hail a cab. I packed extra sunscreen. I didn’t eat anything faking an upset stomach. When it was time to go I said, “why don’t you go without me,
I’m not feeling up to it”. My wife offered to stay behind but I insisted she go so I could sleep it off. She gave me a hug and whispered “thanks”. Away they went, the 3 of them in the back seat with my wife in the middle. She texted me throughout the day indicating that things were awesome and hoped that I felt better for dinner. Once they came home I met my wife in our room. I can still remember the odour of sunscreen on her body as she got into the shower and prepared for dinner asking If I was ok to go. I said, “I tell you what, let me help you wash off, and then we’ll see”. I scrubbed her down starting with her feet making sure all of the sand and sunscreen was off of her, laid her down on the bed and began to massage her entire body and eventually getting to eating out her pussy. I was careful to go very slow reciting the alphabet with my tongue and bringing her to the brink of orgasm. She tried pushing my head closer to get her there but I pulled back indicating I was getting queezy. I got a hot towel and cleaned off her pussy, and helped her get dressed. I made sure she had the lowest cut dress that couldn’t be worn with a bra. She was slightly burned anyhow so I don’t think she would have worn one. I said, “I think you should go without me”. She went to dinner and the show and texted asking if I was ok if she went back to J&J’s room for some drinks. I said, “no problem, I left something in the bottom of your purse”. I slipped a pack of Xtra large, super thin condoms, a small container of mouth was and a note saying, “Have fun, I love you”. She came home around 3AM and I asked if I could finish what I started. She said ok but I’d have to go really, really easy. I started with a foot massage, full body and then ate her pussy really, really easy until sunrise at which point she exploded and said “Ok I need to get some sleep now”! J&J we’re leaving that afternoon to go home.

Since J&J live in a 3 bedroom Condo so close to my wife’s office, she’s been hooking up with them every t-th after work since about 2 weeks after we got back home. She comeS home around midnight and Massage her eat her pussy really, really easy.

But back to the beginning. This pandemic has screwed everything up. My dad is a senior living in an a Seniors residence. There was COVID-19 going through the residence, so we brought him home to live with us. My wife was working from home but still hooking up with J&J. It was going to be either impossible Or irresponsible to Have her going back and forth with my dad living with us, so we agreed that she should move in with them for the time being. I was ok with this at the beginning. Instead of her getting fucked 2X per week, she’s getting done every day. She deserves to receive the pleasure of deep penetration that I can’t give her and the guys are really cool guys and treat her with respect. But I only get to see her on video and from a distance when I pick up their laundry and bring them fresh laundered clothes. Sometimes new outfits and shoes that she orders online. Their washing machine has broken down and I’ve agreed to temporarily was their clothes until they can get it fixed or buy a new one. The good thing is that at least I get to sniff her worn panties and fantasize about being able to fit into J&J tight little briefs, knowing what they are packing inside of them.

I miss my wife’s pussy!


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  • There are medical procedures you could have underwent to make you stay hard, but insurance won't cover them. I would have gotten a strap-on with a big cock, but that's just me. I'm glad you're both happy.

  • I’ve mentioned wearing a strap on, however my wife says she not really into being penetrated by a piece of rubber or plastic. Our situation was working well until I had to bring my elder father home. I didn’t think there was any harm in my wife getting pleased as long as I was the only one eating her pussy. That’s our deal. Whether or not that’s going on at the moment, I can only take her word for it but I couldn’t leave my dad in his home “isolating” in a room all day by himself and I didn’t think it was fair to her as she’s finally having the joyful sex that she deserves. I’d like to have her home though so that I could take care of her needs for foot massage and oral sex. I doubt they are massaging her feet much. She has attractive feet by good looking and well endowed guys don’t really need to do that the way I do. It’s just different.

  • COVID is a scam. People are fucking stupid who believe it.
    And yes, the SCAM is world wide. Anyone who thinks the world leaders don't organize are fucking stupid. This is nothing more than a global scam to control the people, steal money, and keep everyone under their control.

  • Another braying jackass from the Conspirisphere has sounded. Please go away and die , you dipshit fool !

  • Yeah I didn't figure you would answer my question dickhead. YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW SHIT. Beach goers get COVID but rioters don't. FUCK YOU. You dumbshit motherfucker. Lap up more of that retard sauce being fed to you by corrupt politicians and fake fucking news. Ignorant fuck.

  • Explain to me why there have been no Flu cases reported this year. Now explain to me why there have been no phenomena cases reported this year. Now explain to me why cancer deaths are extremely low since this whole thing started. Now explain to me why zero new cases of COVID have been reported from all the riots, while new cases have been reported from beach goers in Florida?? What, you think COVID singles out people at the beach, but doesn't want to be called a racist by BLM, so leaves them alone? You fucking people are gullible as fuck. No wonder scams work. You never ask questions or look at things that don't add up. You aare such a good little lemming.

  • You'll catch it for sure, but you'll be one of the lucky bastards who survive. You will kill some of your relatives who catch Covid-19 from you though.

  • Considering not one person I know has it, and not one person in my fucking city has it, that is not going to happen. But you keep on believing the bullshit.

  • Awesome 😉

  • Happy wife, happy life!

  • You big wanky planky cheeky boy

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