Public nudity

I’ll start with I’m a bi curious married male.
I have posted before I have a very long drive to work. More than 600 Kay’s and I drive nearly all of it with out pants on, playing with my cock the entire time. I try to edge my self so I can taste my precum (so yummy) and also taste my cum (also yummy).
So this time for my drive I went a different road. Normally I go from Toowoomba out to Miles and north from there, but this time I went north from Dalby to Monto so I could go to Cania dam.
When I got there I went to the lookout hut, absolutely no one in the area, plus it over looks the road so I can see if anyone is coming and have heaps of time to put my clothes back on.
so as I pulled up, I stripped off, standing there taking in the view while I stroked my cock. What a nice place. So quiet, all to my self. I got my cock nice and hard, my balls tight to my body, I was so ready to explode my cum every where! But I just edged my self. A beautiful stream of precum came pouring out of my hard cock, then a nice squirt of thick cum followed it. All over my waiting hand, ready to lift it to my mouth so I could lick it all up.
Once I had walked around at the look out for a bit, I drove down closer to the dam to the picnic area. I had put my shirt back on for the short drive in case I saw someone. When I pulled up at the picnic area, still no one to be seen. I got out of the car and took my shirt off again. I walked down closer to the dam, completely nude, erect cock and shaved balls swaying in the cool breeze. I took a picture of the vast dam and walked back up to the picnic tables. These are setup with a wall and the table and chair facing the water. Perfect for someone like me to stand there, completely nude, able to see through a hole in the wall if anyone is coming without them seeing me. I stood there, stroking my nice thick cock until I got some more pre cum and semen to taste.
This would be the perfect spot to have great outdoor sex with someone. No one around, you could fuck, suck, finger, eat etc any where and for as long as you wanted.

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  • Before the days of 24/7 surveillance cameras everywhere I used to love going walking late at night around the darkest streets with my cock hanging out and I'd wank as I walked. One night I jerked off in the driveway of a local slut I'd been lusting after. It was great fun to be squirting jizz knowing she was just meters away fast asleep while I did this 'dirty thing'.

  • I love driving with my pants down to my ankles with the windows down. With a bottle of lotion next to me jerking off and the cool wind blowing on my dick.
    I always hoped a girl would catch me and want to watch. Not sure if I was ever caught or not but it was exciting

    I also would jerk off up to the point of shooting off. I usually was able to stop myself except for this one time , where I didn’t stop in time. I thought i’ld be able to stop, but even after I stopped stroking I could feel myself building up. I quickly pulled over, luckily no one behind me, and started cuming in my hand. It felt like I was never going to stop. The cum was dripping from my hand and I started to lick it up.
    All cleaned up I went on my ride.

  • I like tasting my precum too, I do like cum kissing if I cummed into a woman's mouth

  • Hot!

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