I love my balls

As I get older and my balls droop I've really started to enjoy playing with them, fondling them, squeezing them, stroking them and holding them. I masturbate with two hands now, one fondles my balls while the other strokes my cock.

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  • I love having my balls sucked. Unfortunately, because I'm so shy with girls this will never happen so I have to suck them myself.

  • I have low hangers too I play with mine and sniff my fingers

  • Ok Mike P.

  • Mine don't droop, yet, but i do tie them up whenever I watch porn and beat off, very intense

  • When I was married I used to straddle my wife’s face while I faced her feet. She would lick my balls as I dragged them over her lips and mouth. She would even pull my hips down sometimes and lick my asshole. I’d jerk off while she did this and blow a big load onto her perfect tits. I’m going to beat off now while I fantasize about this . One more thing she used to do was when I was fucking her doggy style she would pull her ass cheeks apart and tell me to cum right onto her right asshole.

  • This is my fave too.

  • Yes I’m 62 and my balls are hanging low.

  • Yummy are they smooth? I'm a 34 year old married mum and my neighbour who's 71 has silky smooth balls, he likes to straddle my face and gently drape his balls across it.

  • I love married sluts like you

  • I love to be balls deep pumping hard into a girls pussy. I like the feeling of my balls smacking into her butt cheeks.

  • I love mine licked and sucked on now, I think they are not as sensitive as they once were because my wife has always liked to do that to me but years ago it almost hurt to have her suck on them.

  • Yes if they suck to hard it will hurt and know it hurts me if my balls are sucked too hard.

  • Exactly. It's way more pleasurable now.

  • I tried that, but l just can't multi-task.

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