Sex in public

For some reason I’ve always wanted to have sex in front of a group of people I didn’t know. Perhaps a lack of guts, more likely a lack of opportunity prevented it from happening, until last July.

My husband and I were on vacation in Europe and decided to spend a few days in Amsterdam. We arrived in the morning, went shopping for a schoolgirl outfit, blonde wig and managed to buy some coke. That night we were going to be performing at Casa Rosso and I was tingling with anticipation.

After dinner we headed to the red light district. Tom dressed in shirt and trousers, me in my schoolgirl uniform and blonde wig with pigtails. The skirt was so short you could almost see my knickers when I was standing up, let alone if I bent over or even leant forward. I was getting horny and after a short while decided to take my knickers off. In the middle of the street with people all around I simply pulled them down, stepped out of them and with a small group in front of me, squatted down to pick them up. First flash and I was loving it.

We walked around for an hour or so with me flashing before we arrived at the club. I was as horny as hell with anticipation. After watching a paid couple have sex on stage it was our turn. I was so excited. Our show started with Tom sitting in a chair facing the audience, I then came on and stripped down to my suspenders and heels while Tom and the crowd watched.

I then had Tom stand and undressed him. He was already hard and I gave him a blow job for a minute or two. He then sat back down on the chair, I straddled him facing the audience and we fucked. The crowd cheered more than for the previous couple but I was, almost, disappointed. In fact I was more turned on walking around in my school uniform flashing my pussy than sex on stage. I think it was because my fantasy was more about putting on an unexpected show for some people who just happened to see us.

The next morning I had an idea. I wondered how nude I could be walking around the red light district. After all Amsterdam is pretty liberal. Well much to my joy I found out that nudity is somewhat tolerated, but more, it is legal to have sex in public parks after dark!

That night we went back to the red light district, me in the same outfit. But this time we walked around and even went into a few bars. I would sit at the bar facing Tom with my legs spread giving guys a good look at my pussy.

In one bar we decided to go in separately to see what would happen. Fortunately the bar was in the centre of the room so I could sit on one side and Tom could watch from the other. Four guys hit on me in the first fifteen minutes! Then, as planned, Tom asked the barman to offer me a drink, which of course I accepted. When I got my drink I walked around and stood next to Tom. I hoped some of the guys who’d hit on me were watching and feeling jealous.

Standing next to Tom I asked him to put his hand on my arse and occasionally lift up my skirt. I knew there was a bunch of guys watching so I knocked my phone over the bar and leant over to pick it up. I wished I could have seen their faces!

After our drink we went for another walk around and found a small park. I didn’t just want to start fucking, I wanted to build anticipation and have a crowd gather so I asked Tom to starting taking pics with his phone. Soon I was just in suspenders and heels. No bra, no knickers in various poses as the crowd developed, well 10-12 people. 6 guys in their forties and two couples in their thirties. The guys were watching with intent, the couples with curiosity.

I then approached Tom pulled down his pants and proceeded to give him a blow job. While I was doing this he took off his shirt, the women gave a small cheer.

Tom then took off his shoes and pants and sat on a bench. I sucked his cock again, this time with my bum in the air and legs apart fingering my pussy. The crowd was making comments about how hot the show was and I turned around gave them a smile the straddled Tom. Pumping up and down on his cock I was looking directly in to the eyes of each member of the audience as I spread my lips moaning with excitement.

I stood up and slowly sat back down. Only this time I slid Tom’s cock up my arse. I was madly pumping up and down his cock with one then two fingers in my arse loving the crowd watching and came, looking directly at them with a huge smile on my face. I could feel Tom was about to cum and said out loud “ I want you to cum in my arse” which he did.

My final act was to squat down on the ground and finger myself to another orgasm with cum dripping out of my arse. The couples left when I started doing this, I think it might have been too filthy for the women, but the guys, now 11 of them, stayed and cheered me on.

I finished got dressed and walked away to around of applause. You won’t be surprised to hear that we went back to different parks each night for the rest of our stay and are planning on going back next year, if the lockdown is lifted.

I loved living out my fantasy, yours with a smile.



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  • Wow, the OP is WAY more daring than me. I wish I had your moxy

  • My wife lays out nude on our deck, reads and suns herself. she looks sexy as fuck with a low cut summer top on with no tan lines on her big tits. The 'she lays out nude' look. being home all the time now I started doing it too. I see a guy on his deck .5 mile away with binoculars. I tell her to cover up. She says he does that all the time, he's harmless. I say he probably jerks off. She says guys do that all the time anyway, better to me than to some teen. And I'm saving a tree, he doesn't need girlie magazines like the ones I buy. Couple days later she says he's out again, and I rub lotion on her tits. She says want to really give him something to JO to? How about a blowjob?

  • No, no, no this is a figment of your imagination

  • I was at a local park. There is a small side park that hardly anyone knows about because it isn't marked, and the entrance isn't very noticeable at all. For that reason quit often there isn't anyone there.

    I went back there to smoke a bowl when I noticed a couple fucking. I moved up carefully closer to see them better. The girl was extra hot, and I instantly got hard listening to her moaning. The bf looked like a wimp. I had on my ball cap and face mask, so I rushed up and hit him over the back of his head knocking him out. Before the girl had time to react, I covered her mouth and pushed her bf off of her naked body.

    She looked about 18-19 with big tits and a nice bubble butt. I got my cock out and slid it into her well lubed pussy. I couldn't get her to keep quiet so I whacked her on the chin and knocked her out. Then I used her body thoroughly three times in an hour. Missionary, missionary with her legs up, so I could see her tits, and then from behind on her stomach. What a great ass!

    I left the couple and hurried back to my car that was a long hike from that part of the park and drove home.

  • My girlfriend let a stranger fuck her at an outside concert. We had been joking for quite awhile about letting any other guy fuck her. So we were at this concert and it was kind of like a Woodstock setting only much smaller. They set up a stage in this field and then sold tickets, but no one ever took the tickets. So people we just parking their cars and trucks all over in the back field and the front field with the stage had big concrete blocks to keep the cars out. Anyway, so we were in the back field and this guy had been hitting on my girlfriend all day. I jokingly told them to fuck already and get it over with. My girlfriend dropped her shorts and bent over a picnic table and he fucked her from behind while people were walking by. Had several people stop and watch, even had a few try to join in, but she smacked them away. She was so not marriage material. Just a little slut is all she was, but she was a lot of fun.

  • The first out door sex I had was with my future husband in 1972 on a California beach at 3PM. I was 16 at the time he was 28 and 4 years out of the Army after 3 tours of duty in Vietnam.

    Don't judge the age difference, in the early 1970's it was normal and most women liked older established men. Girls were alot more mature and worldly than girls today. You didn't just fuck any guy, you fucked husband material.

    It was amazing and after almost 48 years together we still fuck twice a day. We do it on our baloney over looking the beach once a day. Our neighbors don't mind as they do sex things also outside. Guess the warm Cali weather makes all horny. I know I am all the time. I have not worn panties since I met my husband. I like to masturbate in front of him, especially when we drive some where or in public. It gets him so hard for me.

    That's how you keep you man ladies fuck him constantly and always keep yourself in wet and let him see you do it.

  • My boyfriend had said he had outdoors sex many times before we were together,so I said I wanted us to do it.So we tried it many times.It was always alot of fun.But we were always interested in mixing or spicing things up.So we were out in the pub with a friend of mine and her bf and we got talking about sex in the park after dark.He was really up for it and she didn't need much convincing.So a little later we headed to the park.The gates were shut but we remembered a way in through a gap in the fence.Once in me and my bf started getting it on.So did my friend and her bf.I was the first to drop my knickers and lift my skirt though.I bent forward and my bf began fucking me.My friend was a little shy at doing that and all the convincing from her bf didn't work.So she just stood there watching.Her bf watched us and wanked with his trousers round his ankles.After a good 20 mins of pounding me,my bf whispered if I wanted to let him fuck me.So he asked them both and she mumbled "fine" but didn't look happy but he got straight in there and began fucking me.My bf began stroking my friends hair and talking to her.I don't know how he did it but maybe her seeing her bf fuck me changed her mind but they began making out.Before long I saw him help her out of her jeans and lift one leg to fuck her against a tree.

  • We fucked each others partners for a while then swapped back.My bf got me off and before we swapped again and I whispered to him that he can cum in her if he wants.My bf actually got her off too and I saw him pick her up to finish inside of her.Her bf tried but he couldn't even finish so I wanked him off and he shot on the grass.It was one hell of a night and we left and got taxis home.Back home I was impressed with my bf getting both me and my friend off and I got so horny we ended up fucking for over an hour before we fell asleep.Later the next day I texted my friend and asked if it was fun.She said her bf enjoyed it but was disappointed he couldn't get any of us off.So I asked how did she like it.After a pause she replied jokingly "can we swap bfs?" She said my bf is a great fuck and knows what he's doing.I joked that she can always come over for more if she wants.Well she took that seriously.But that's another story.

  • You should consider doing porn.

  • I was there when this happened and I joined in but she didn't notice. Small cock. Still, I had fun.

  • Whole lot of crap

  • I'm sure the story is crap, actually most shit on here is, but the title suggests they had sex in public. I can attest that sex in public is more than real.

  • Wife Jill and I do that separate at the bar thing. It started by accident, busy bar with 2 stools far away open. Some handsome young guy was hitting on her and she was loving it, he was luring her back to his room. . We give each other a long leash, especially on vacation. She told the guy 'you like sleeping with married women, don't you.' He said yes . 'Let me ask my husband for a hall pass, i'll be right back, he's at the other side." I said no. He saw her walk up to me. "OMG, that's really your husband." "you knew I was married all along. yet you still tried to get in my pants, now you're embarrassed. He said no. but we can still flirt. He's not at all mad, "

  • Jill's Husband continued.
    Jill was 38 then and the guy was early 30's. She told him she wish they met there when she has Girls Beach Week with her sorority sisters. She wouldn't need a hall pass from me. He tells her it's a little weird how she carries on in front of me and yes he wishes it was Girls Week too. They tell each how hot they are. She tells him maybe I'd sing off on a walk on the beach and a blowjob. he's like no no, don't ask -- when is Beach Week, we'll have fun then. She tells him when BW is and she never see him again-- I think.

  • Omg, my wife's name is Jill too. She flirts like crazy with guys in the bar. I came in before and found a guy between her legs with her in a dress. He had his hand under her panties and was fingering her pussy. She was trying to get him to fuck her right there on the barstool when I walked in and interrupted things.

  • Jill 38's husband again. All Jills are hussies -- LOL ,, you sign up for that when they tell you their name. My Jill said the worse she did was a lifeguard Hand Job on Girls Beach Week, .. She still fantasizes about that handsome bar guy that I rejected her going to his room. Sort of wish I gave her that pass -- she'd be horny for years -- but he was just too fucking good looking , probably had a big dick too. If he was an average Joe I let her go. We have long leashes but I get a little jealous when she flirts. Especially when I think she wants to run a away with a guy. She's way hot, I batting out of my league.

  • I agree. My Jill is a slut. She's 29 years old, I'm 31. To be honest though, that's what attracted me to her in the first place. First time I met her we were at a state park. They were having a local community BBQ and there were shit tons of people there. It was hot and she was wearing short ass shorts that went up her snatch, camel toe big time. She had on a tank top and no bra. Her tits were fucking amazing and caught my eye, along with every other guy as well. Anyway, so I "accidentally" bump into her trying to get a cheap feel. I say "oh sorry miss", but she's all "you fucking dick". I immediately was thinking this will not end well, but then she fucking kisses me. I'm just like what the fuck is happening right now. Ten minutes later we were fucking in her car down the road. She told me upfront she would never be faithful and if I had a problem with it, she wouldn't date me. We have an open relationship and it works. I mean we have been married now for 7 years. It works, we don't have to be jealous. All told, I think she's only ever fucked a few different guys, according to her. I've had a few flings with some girls at work, but we're still together.

  • Why the fuck would you marry someone who told you they would never be faithful?

  • The day my to be husband asked me to marry him I told him I would but I just started dating guys and I wasn't ready to settle down to just one guy and he gave me a open relationship pass as long as he didn't know.
    I really think he gets a lot more than I do for I'm content just having him.

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