I couldn't resist my sexy mom any longer.

After being home with my mom nearly 24/7 the past three months, I needed some pussy in the worst way. Having a mother who is good looking doesn't help either. Last night I went into her bedroom long after she had fallen asleep. She was on her back when I pulled back the sheet. As usual, she was only wearing her short nightgown and panties, no bra. I pulled up her nightgown so I could see her naked tits in the moonlight. What a beautiful sight they were to behold. I got so horny looking at them I thought I was going to bust a nut right there. I pulled my mom's nightgown back down, pulled her sheet back up and went back to my room. I had barely touched my hard dick and I was shooting gobs of cum everywhere.

Now knowing that I wouldn't cum again so quickly, I went back to my mom's room naked, pulled the sheet back down, then spread her legs apart. I slid her panties to the side and saw my my mom's pussy lips for the first time. I pulled the hood over her clit back and started rubbing it. a whimper came from my mom's lips. In no time I could see drops of wetness dripping out her slit. My cock was so hard that it was hurting as I moved into position, carefully moving between her legs. I told my dick moving my head to my mother's pussy lips. I pushed into her hard in one mighty thrust.

My mom immediately woke up. I grabbed both of her arms pinning them down, as she as about to scream I covered her mouth with my own. I started banging into her pussy like a jackhammer. My mom in her sleepy confusion didn't close her mouth, so I took advantage and pushed my tongue inside and started to wrestle with my mom's. She again started to move, but my weight on top of her, plus how hard I was thrusting my hips as I fucked her, made it hard for her to move.

Just then my mom stops struggling, moving her tongue around mine in circles. By now things were just a blur to me as I pounded my mom's pussy like my life depended on it. Within seconds I was blowing steams of my cum inside her pussy. I pumped until my balls were dry. I rolled off my mom breathing hard like I had run a ten mile race. All my mom said was, "For now we will pretend this was all a dream, now get back to bed."

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  • People with ugly moms will never understand. Most of my friends mom's are not very good looking and I wouldn't want to have sex with them. I have a mom that all my friends want to have sex with. So when this whole pandemic shit happened, my mom and I have been having sexual intercourse everyday, sometimes more than once.

  • For me, it's not about what my mum looks like. The sex is amazing because it is my mum and it is the most fantastic connection I've ever had!

  • You are so right. Because it's wrong, the sex is even better! It really turns me on hearing her calling out my name as she's having an orgasm!

  • Exactly! There's no love like a mother's love!

  • Moms should also give their sons blowjobs daily

  • The same story for my mom and myself. I've been fucking my mom for a little over two weeks, and I love it! I'm pounding my mom's pussy, she's thrusting up so our pelvis's were hammering into each other. The head of my cock its hitting her pussy bottom. My mom gets all vocal and starts swearing before she cums.

  • Just sounds like a porn story

  • I hope you went back the next night to show her that she's yours whenever you want her.

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