My first orgasm

I am in my 60s now. This story takes place a long time ago when I was 14 and a freshman in highschool. I was very naive at that time when it came to sex. I didn't even know about ejaculation or that it even is something men do. My dad was into photography and subscribed to a photography magazine. Many of them had black and white nude photos of women. I had only seen my aunts bare breasts at the beach in California when I was about 12, otherwise I had never seen a naked women. This was decades before the internet. Playboy didn't even show pussy at that time. So it was exciting to find these nudes in the photography magazines. There were in the basement where my bedroom was, so it was easy to take a stack of them to my bed and look at them. My penis would get big and rock hard. I soon discovered it felt good to play with it and stroke it. One night as I was looking at naked women and stroking my rock hard cock with pre-cum drooling out the tip, I felt that sensation we all know. It got stronger and I realized I couldn't stop it even if I wanted too. But I didn't want to stop. My penis began to start twitching, and the next thing I knew this white, semi sold, liquid squirted out, flying through the air landing on me bare chest. It felt so good. I think it was the strongest orgasm I have ever had in my lifetime. The next problem was to clean up the mess. I don't remember what I did, but I figured something out. To this day I love to masterbate. Now we have the internet with thousands of videos. I do not care for the fake fucking with the perpetual screaming by the girls, the porn industry pumps out. I prefer the real amateur porn, even though the bodies may not be perfect. I still masturbate about 3 times a week, as my wife doesn't like sex. Keep on jerking.


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  • Great memory for sure! My first orgasm was at 13. I didn't have any porn and i was sitting in the bath using soap to masturbate... I had tried to use just my hands before but couldn't seem to cum. But the soap felt so good... I remember being overwhelmed by how amazing it felt to stroke my penis with it and I knew I couldn't stop! Exploding in to orgasm was absolutely incredible. I didn't cum a lot at the time, but it still felt great. I sat there letting the cum run down my penis, out of breath, excited to have figured it out finally!

  • Nice memory, well-written ! My 1st O was two months before my 13th b-day. I was fucking two velvet throw pillows, pressed together around my raging hardon. Yes, that incredible feeling, electricity, all of it ramping up, culminating at the tip of my cock, and I stared down at my purple mushroom head as that viscous white matter jetted out, making me swoon aloud, and making a mess. I was so clueless I thought I'd broken something.

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