I'm Going to Fucking Beat My Husbands Ass!

I can't believe this. My husband comes home and we have a pleasant evening until bedtime. It's been getting warmer outside so we turned on the AC in our home. At first I was really hot and I threw back the covers. My ass was facing him and he says hey babe would you not do that. I was like what honey. He said throw the covers back the way you did cause something ain't right. I asked him to explain. He said well maybe you should have bathed before bed. I asked my ass. He said no more like your pussy stinks. I got up and went to the bathroom to pee. I didn't smell a thing. Thought he was messing with me. I got back in bed and he said hey hon your pussy really stinks now even worse after you just pissed. Then he tells me to cover up at least. I was so mad that I covered up and didn't speak to him anymore that night. In the morning I took my bath and he asked what was for breakfast. I told him to make it his damn self. Like I'm going to fix him something to eat after he insulted me like that. Well he's got another thing coming. This coming from the man who's feet smell like the Frito Lay factory. Yep his feet smell like Fritos all the time. It's terrible. Does he do anything about it. Hell no he just says he can't help it. Well that's what I will say next time he says my pussy smells. I'll say sorry sweety it's just how it is live with it. What an asshole! Not only that he wears the cheapest cologne that stinks like a dead skunks asshole after 50 sailors have cum inside it. Does he stop using it. Nope he says smells fine to me and continues to buy the crap. I'm not the only one to tell him about it either. I think I won't wash my pussy for a whole week and see how he likes that shit.

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  • Sounds like someone is " nose blind " I guess you should keep wearing under britches that's what they were used for to keep bugs out due to stench

  • He's probably smelling his feet not your pussy. My husband has smelly feet also. Whew! It's really bad. I make him wash his feet them put something on them to help. It's really bad when he sweats. I make him leave his shoes in the garage by the door. Men what fucking good are they? LOL!

  • Fucking gross red neck trash hillbillies

  • Not trailer trash honey. I bet my home is larger than yours at 5400 square ft. Why do I waste my time on stupid sites like this one?

  • Well some women do have stank twat. Wash that fucking shit!

  • I do wash myself everyday twice if I have been doing yard work in my flower garden.

  • What?

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