Saw boy in woods jerking off

I walk this park about 3 times a week and passed this one area that looks like it might have a new trail based on the brush knocked down and the grass . As I started in about 40 feet , I saw a boy about 19 I guess , totally nude jerking off .
I stayed down and quiet and watch him until he shot off. He shot a huge load too . I then secretly got out of there .. I went and sat on a bench nearby and never saw him come out .
I check for him all the time now and he is never there . Would like to have seen that again it was so hot .

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  • I don't know why I do it, but as a 55 year old woman, I find it so easy to get teen boys to fuck me outdoors. I'm in good shape and still pretty and live in Southern California, it warm most of the time and short skirts and t-shirts made it easy to have quick sex.

    Even with the lockdown, I have 3 or 4 lovers a day. I layout a blanket get naked where I know young guys go for gay sex. But they are also into a woman. My preferred age is 15 to 17, they can fuck me and recover fast and fuck again.

    Most Saturday nights I pick up a group of them and bring them home to fuck me. I can't wait for 4th weekend, 12 of them are coming over, I'm the entrainment. I hope to be fucked until I can't walk or swallow anymore cum.

  • Did that from 13 until 17. A married guy paid me to do it and watch. At 14 he started climbing on my cock and rode me until I came in him. His ass was so tight, I was the first boy he was ever with. Then i began cutting classes and began meeting him at lunch and he blow and swallowed.

    We got busted by the cops as he rode my cock one afternoon I was 17. He went to jail. 2 years later I miss kissing him and his tight ass and vacuum mouth so much.

    I go to the park and pick up men but it not the same. I think I love him.

  • I used to go into the woods, strip naked and beat off when I was a few years younger than him all the time. I know I was watched a few times but kept doing it at the same place and about the same time of day so who ever it was knew my routine. I caught a glimpse of them every once in a while but they never came forward. I wish I would have called out to whoever it was and maybe he or she and I could have done it together a few times.

  • I’d gladly let you watch me masturbate any where you wanted

  • How big was his cock ? Were you close enough to see his asshole ?

  • About 6 or so cut . I was about 100 feet away , but it looked great

  • Lol probably filming one of those "risky jerk off" videos for pornhub haha

  • Thats funny . Could be true though

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