I want a fat woman to be my sex slave

I want an obese woman to submit to me and please me sexually. I want her to lie around naked, showing off her big fatty rolls and folds, her huge saggy tits, mountains of cellulite, and her massive flabby ass. I want to kiss her jowls and multiple chins, and smother myself in her mounds of flesh.

I'll call her "pig" or "cow" or "fatty" and she'll love it. She'll constantly be eating, getting fatter and fatter to satisfy me.

Who wants to be my big fat sexy piggy?

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  • You say that till I come over and get naked. Then you make some bullshit story about having forgotten something you promised you'd do for your mom. Fuck you you've had all the chances your getting from me. Think I'll fuck your father instead. He liked big women .

  • You have me confused with someone else. My dad only likes scrawny bitches.

    Fat naked women make my cock hard.

  • U can have my email if u wanna contact me hun. I'd love to b ur fat cow gross sex slave ;-) xxx

  • You want to be my cow? My sexy piggy? My fat slut sex slave?

  • Oh hun u sound amazing. If u look up gross confessions on here I wrote the article about flappy excess skin ;-)

  • I read it and it was such a turn on. Wish I could get my hands on you and your sexy body... 😘

  • Oh hell no! You are a fucking idiot. I was in a relationship with a fucking fat woman once. Boy never do that again. She smelled terrible. Couldn't reach most parts in the shower. Like the crack of her ass. I did it once and it stunk so badly I almost passed the fuck out. Then I just stopped going to see her. She wanted me to wash the parts she couldn't reach. With my job I couldn't get over but once every 5 or 6 days. I decided to just stop seeing her. I told her to buy a long scrubby brush. I saw her a few weeks ago and yep she was stinking up the whole frozen food section at Walmart.

  • Lol

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