Shaved balls

I’m a married bi curious male. I have shaved my balls for many many years. I dry shave them with a shaving razor. No water, no shaving cream. It doesn’t hurt, never has. I always get a nice smooth finish.
Yesterday I decided to shave all my pubic hairs off too. I normally trim them right down with a hair trimmer but this time I used an electric shaver to get a nice smooth finish. I find if I use a razor for my main public hair area I always get some bad ingrown hairs.
It’s such a big turn on being completely smooth down there, balls and all.
Just wish I could get my dick sucked by someone, male or female. (Something my wife is not interested in doing)

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  • I've been shaving my balls and entire pubic hair as well, luckily no ingrown hairs, but you may wanna try some wax strips instead... I strip wax my asshole from time to time myself, especially if I know I'm gonna get it licked up..
    As per sucking a cock? I've had it sucked by young femboys but I would like to suck a shemale at some point

  • Cum on ! Until you've had a shemale fuck you and cum in'll have a hard time going back to a regular mans dick..that's how it's be for me..try one on and you'll see🥰

  • If you were close, I’d suck your cock in a heartbeat. Love to suck cock.

  • Where are you? I’m in Qld, Australia.

  • I love to shave my balls and ass hole.

  • It is not difficult to find a horny gay submissive guy to suck your cock and lick your balls. Try posting an ad on doublelist.

  • I know the feeling.

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