Masturbate to ladies

I love their voices. I love their reprimands how about my past offenses. Especially when they become angry or tell me that I deserve the time I spent in prison. It is still in my pants and I'm rubbing it harder and harder and it is pulsing my voice changes of battle I can't tell if they're upset. Gets it's my fingers rubbing against it through my . pants it just feels like chemical shoot my brain and I feel the hot fluid fill up my underwear. They're disgusted and I hate it. I'm ever punished for my actions. So I'll keep doing it. I fear that one day I will have to I have a price for my time with the ladies. I do wonder what their vaginas look like how tight they are. But I know in the end I will be I jail cell no phone to call with. That's my late night masturbation thinking about the the good times

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  • If you want to talk about what you just wrote my instagram is @luciferspussii u don’t have too I’m just intrigued

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