Dad makes me horny

I only cum to the thought of my dad being sexual with me and i jus turned 18. how do i discreetly show him i want him? im his daughter

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  • Try not to over think it. Just get in bed with your dad and got for it!!

  • Is he single?

  • Back your ass up to his dick and rub him with it, turnaround and wink at him. Balls in his park next.

  • My mom might see or he might get mad

  • Be brave I'm sure dad wants you too x

  • Exactly

  • If you want anything to happen you'll have to hide it from your mom anyway. Just sit on his lap. At worst he'll say you're too old or something and make you get up. No harm done. If he lets you stay, there's a chance he's interested. If he gets hard while you're on his lap, there's a really good chance he's interested.

  • Might try something more subtle... like walking around in just t-shirt and panties, 'accidentally' leave the door open a little bit when you masturbate, and/or ask him sex questions... that kinda stuff. See how he reacts

  • Do you have any idea if this is something he would be interested in at all?

  • He was watching dad and daughter porn a few months ago

  • It's up to you to initiate a sexual relationship with your dad. Just be honest with your dad and tell how you feel. Reassure your dad that no one would find out. You MUST ensure you use birth control preferably the contraceptive pill.

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