I want to piss myself

Often when I'm sitting on the couch and have to pee, I have a strong urge to just let go where I am and piss myself. It doesn't feel sexual, and it isn't tied to any substance use. I'm perfectly capable of getting up and going to the bathroom, I just don't want to. I'd rather wet my pants and the couch. I've never actually done it. I always chicken out and rush to the bathroom at the last minute.

The closest I get is occasionally peeing out my back door into the yard, which I only do late at night when it's unlikely anyone will see me. I have also, on rare occasions, peed on the floor of the bathroom or into the tub, but I always immediately clean it up so no one notices.

But what I really want is to just lie there and piss myself. Maybe the fact that it's harder to immediately clean that up? I guess I want to get caught?

I don't know. It's definitely a weird impulse.

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  • I pissed myself, it was not fun or glamorous, it was on a road trip and I had to go badly, so I went number 1 and number 2 on the seat, stupid parents never stopped to let me go to the side of the road to do my business.

  • You aren't the only one for use. I think you are right... something about you know its harder to clean up adds to the thrill of it or something. You should give it a try... maybe not the couch at first, that's harder to clean up... but if you're sitting on the couch, just pull your dick out and go on the floor (you can clean that up, just takes a tad more work than the bathroom floor)

  • Thanks. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

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