I still jerk off to pictures of my sister.

It's been nearly 10 years since I found those pictures. She had them on her phone, and I stole them and copied them to my computer. Still to this day I get a rush when I look at them. Some days these pictures are all I need to get off.

That is my sister. I imagine what my dick would look like on her face. Her head bobbing up and down on my hard cock. I imagine cumming all over her face.

Those are my sisters big tits. I imagine sliding my dick between them. I imagine smothering myself and sucking on her nipples.

That is my sisters pusy. I imagine sliding my dick into her wet pussy and pounding her ass. I imagine shoving my face between those legs and sucking on her clit.

I moan her name and stare into her eyes when I cum. And like to imagine her as my slut sex slave letting me do whatever i want with her.

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  • You're not alone. I've always wanted to fuck my sister and any pictures I have I use to masturbate.

  • It's the same thing with my mom. I found some pictures of her on her computer that her photographer boyfriend had taken of her semi-nude, and nude. My mom looked so hot with her arms crossed pulling up her sweater just above her perfect naked breasts. So perfectly round with no noticeable sag. I just wanted to feel and squeezed them, suck on her nipples so much.

    She looked so sexy nude too. Her long brown hair, her trimmed pubic triangle, and her bubble butt ass. I'd jack off imagining I was fucking her and sucking on her nipples, or squeezing her tits when she rode me, or I was fucking her doggy style.

  • Nice! How old is she in the pictures? Have you ever told her you had them?

  • She's late 20s in the photos. And no, she's got no idea I have them. It's unlikely she will ever know. We've got an estranged relationship. I haven't had any contact since I moved out. She got into drugs when she was younger and she ruined her life. Last I heard she's living on the streets

    Plus she's always been a insufferable bitch and I hate her as a person.

    But love her as a fetish for me to get off.

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