Horny for dad

I just turned 18 a few months ago and ive always thought of my dad in a sexual way its bad but i cum so much from thinking of it and in the past i’ve seen his porn history on his electronics with dad / daughter so does that mean hes into it or? also how could i get him to
fuck me while my mom is gone?

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  • If he has daddy daughter stuff on his pc he probably is into it at least a little, and probably afraid to do anything about it. I bet if you make a move, he'll go for it.

  • Masturbate in front of him works best!!! No real trouble if it fails.

  • My daddy would never have made the first move. I new he masturbated over my pictures, I found nudes i had taken on his PC.

    One night I just went for it. 14 years later we are still fucking like rabbits. I want him all the time. We live like husband and wife, I don't have to work and our life is exciting and fun. We travel alot as a married couple overseas.

    We have a daughter and I'm 31.

  • Sometimes you just have to go for it!! Good for you!

  • Lovely

  • I agree with comment no 1, I got my way with dad I know he wouldn't make the first move in case it was a mistake, I checker his history and he was watching lots of dad/daughter incest porn, I know its only done by actors and is not real, I know some dads watch incest porn but could never do it for real, I decided to find out, mum was out for the afternoon, I sat opposites dad with a very short skirt on and no knickers with my legs open reading a mag, I kept rubbing my vagina as if it was itchy, I could hear dad breathing very heavily I thought I will go for it, I spread my legs and stuck my finger in myself and looked at dad.
    We got what I wanted

  • Yes that’s

  • You're very good brave! Good for you! X

  • Hi, if I were you I would wait until your mom has gone out and speak to your dad. Tell him you have seen his search history on his phone/computer and you think dad/daughter sex is hot. Reassure your dad should anything sexual happen between you and your dad that no one would ever find out. Tell him that you are fully consenting to sex and it is a family with benefits situation. Before this can happen you should put yourself on the contraceptive pill to ensure there are no unwanted pregnancies and also you won't have the worry of hiding the condom or wrapper. I'm assuming your mom wouldn't approve? Perhaps ask your dad what your mom's views would be on you and your dad having sex. If you choose not to tell your mom, you must be very careful how you act in front of your mom. You will have to be the one that controls this situation and I hope it works out for you and your dad!

  • Walk around in just a t-shirt and panties. Leave the door open when you shower. Rub up against him whenever you can. If he's interested you'll know.

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