Blushing blowjob boy

My name is Jamey and I totally love performing oral on many different guys. I have this urge to slurp them off on a daily basis. When the other guy is in my mouth, it is so amazing. I feel like my life purpose is being fulfilled. When he fills my mouth with his creamy goodness, it makes me think that I did a good job to receive that reward.
It is embarrassing but I totally love it.

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  • I am 45 and done it twice with guys maybe 18 or 19.Thankfully it was dark and i never had to see them again.Hopefully this urge will go away as much as i got a real thrill out of it .Its not for me.

  • I've just started sucking guys, most of um older and I get like so embarrassed after swallowing them. Maybe it's just cause I'm young and not really used to men?

  • I have only given one man a blowjob, and I totally get embarrassed every time I swallow his cum too. Such a slutty feeling.

  • You are not alone, I love giving head and swallowing hot cum as well, have sucked 30 cocks so far this year, have a bunch of regular receivers.

  • I’d love for you to do that to me. I’d love to do it to you. I have always wanted to suck a guy off till he creams in my mouth

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