First sex experience

We all have a first sex experience. For some it's a first kiss, for others it's playing doctor with the neighbor kid, and for the lucky few, it's full on sex.
So let's hear thos stories people, what was your first sexual experience?

Mine was at summer camp when I was 13. The Explorer group I was a member of would go camping for a week. Anyone who knows Explorers, knows they are coed. There was this girl Lizzie, we called her Liz for short. She was so hot, well at least for a 13 year old she was hot at the time. Anyway, she and I were sent off on a task to collect berries for some wilderness survival training. The other kids were collecting other stuff. So she and I get down in this ravine and we decided to take a break. As we are sitting there, she leans over and kisses me. She thinks I'm cute and wanted to kiss. I convinced her to pull her pants down so I could feel her pussy. She only agreed if I pulled my pants down too. So I'm rubbing her pussy and she's rubbing my dick which got hard. So here we are with our pants down rubbing eachother and I'm trying to convince her to let me stick it in her when we hear some voices coming. We quickly pulled our pants up and acted like we were looking for berries. Liz and I never did have sex that summer, but we would eventually have sex when we were Freshmen in highschool. She and I lost our virginity to eachother.

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  • Mine was playing truth or dare with my best friend and his 2 older brothers, Long story short I got a dare to put my friends dick in my mouth and well by the end of the game I learned to suck cock which eventually lead to them spit roasting me a few weeks later and for the rest of the summer

  • I was 14 and it was with my best friend's older brother who was 17. I mounted him on top and he lost his nuts in about a minute lol. It was his first time too. He was sweet and I remember reaching down into my vag and being a little fascinated by what he put in there.

  • I was playing with a group of kids that lives on my street, I was 13. All the kids left for home except one, she was maybe 11. We went around the side of the house after throwing rocks and getting yelled at by an old man to hide. She was in front of me in shorts on all fours and I was behind her and I could see her panties up her shorts. I said don’t move he’s probably looking for us so she would stay still. I told her I could see her panties and she told me to shut up. We started touching each other and kissing, and I took off her shorts and her shirt and told her to rub my penis. She looked at it and touched it and did what I said. I touched her nipples and kissed them and wanted to see her pussy but she was embarrassed and just gave me a quick leak. I took her hand and wrapped it around my hard on and jerked it until I came. She looked at my cum on her hand and just pressed it between her fingers. We “played” like this several times.

  • When I was 12, my mom And aunt were inside and I was outside with my cousin who was 15, he’s 3 years older than me. I broke a window on the outside shed when I hit a golf ball through it, after my mom told me to not play with my uncles clubs. When it broke I was so scared I would get smacked by my mom. My cousin was there with me and he and I went into his dads shed and looked at the broken glass on the floor, and he picked up the golf ball. I started crying. He told me he would take the blame but wanted to know what I would do for him, and I said “I’ll do anything.” He told me to show him my panties, and he lifted the front of my sundress and looked at me. He told me to close my eyes and let him give me my punishment so he could take the blame and get a whipping from his dad so it would be fair. I closed my eyes and I was sweating so bad in the hot shed. He took down my dress straps and pushed my undershirt up and touched my nipples, I didn’t have boobs. He pulled my dress up and my panties down and touched my vagina and butt. Then he said get on your knees. I had my eyes closed and he said open your mouth, and he put his penis in my mouth.

  • If I had been him , I would have pulled out of your mouth then BUTT-FUCKED
    you !

  • My husband thinks he married a virgin. I'm sure he was a virgin.

  • When I was 12 my older sister's friend would come to our house to use the pool all the time. It didn't matter if my sister was home or not she would just pop in and go swimming. One afternoon after swimming most of the day we went inside to watch a movie. We are both sitting on the couch when she lays down with her head in my lap. Well here I am now with not only a head on my lap but a perfect view down her bikini top as the way she was laying was pushing one of the cups away from her breast. It didn't take long for me to get a full blown erection and start to panic. Well she obviously felt my cock throbbing against her cheek through my thin swim suit . She picked her head up with out looking at me said" this stays between us ok?" She then proceeded to pull the front of my shorts down and suck my dick. I lasted all of a minute if that ,shooting in her mouth before she pulled off and let me finish on her chest.

  • It was my freshman year of high school. One of the seniors seduced me on a dare to prove he could fuck a girl on the first day. His girlfriend filmed us.

    Wasn’t a great year

  • Bruh that's terrible

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