Fucking my Mum’s first boyfriend

I’m 24, getting married next year to a 27 year old guy and we have great sex, but a couple of times a year I like to fuck some guy who is over 50. Thing is, I’m not attracted to old men, I just like fucking them. This is the story of how I discovered my fetish, if you call it that.

I took a gap year after high school and my best friend and I were living and working in London before we travelled around Europe. I was the youngest in my year so didn’t turn 18 until May of that year. I was a little disappointed that, as we were saving for our European trip, my 18th birthday celebration would be on the cheap. When I mentioned this to my Mum on our weekly phone call she suggested I call Bob

Bob was my Mum’s first boyfriend, they still kept in touch, I suspected more than just in touch, he was very rich and had never married. But before I talk about Bob, some background.

Mum had this obsession with raising a liberated, sex loving daughter, if that’s what you would call it. It was because her mother had told her sex was awful and she, my mum, didn’t want to be like that. No matter what I said she seemed to think I was a prude. She started telling me all this when I was fourteen!

When I say she had an obsession, i mean OBSESSION. For instance, when I told mum my boyfriend wanted to take nude pics of me she thought it was a great idea. I was reluctant at first but decided it might convince mum I was in fact liberated. When I showed mum the pics she thought they were tame and I shouldn’t be so shy! Now her obsession was becoming my obsession. I wanted to shock her, but short of being gangbanged in our living room, I didn’t know what to do, and I wasn’t going to do that!

Now back to Bob. I called him and he was thrilled to hear from me and offered to take my friend and I out for a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday.

That night I started thinking I should fuck Bob. Not because I wanted to, I just thought he might tell my mum and that would end her obsession. Strangely, the idea was turning me on. In bed I started masturbating imagining me fucking Bob. Yes I was fucking him, I was in charge and he was saying stuff like “you’re the best“. I was pumping my pussy with my vibrator, even stuck it up my arse (which I like to do), and had a huge orgasm imagining Bob cumming in my arse and telling my mum about it!

When I awoke in the morning I was disgusted. Why was I turned on by a guy I’d never met, who was in his sixties and, let’s face it, probably fat and bald. I did however think I would flirt with Bob, even try to show him a bit of tit, or more, in the hope he would tell my mum I was a flirtatious sexy girl and he thought I would have lots of lovers on my European trip or something like that.

As it happened, on the morning of the dinner with Bob, my friend Nairy and I were having a free makeover at the local beauty school. Hair, makeup, wax, the lot. Free because we were there to give the students practice. I told the girl to make me look a bit slutty, even had my first Brazilian. I was ready for Bob.

I wore a short dress, push up bra, jacket and heels. No knickers, in case I had a chance to flash Bob.

We arrived at Bob’s place and were introduced to his friend Marty who was also in his sixties. Did Bob have a plan as well? I drank too much at dinner and was flirting quite a bit. With the buttons of my dress undone enough to make sure Bob got a good view of my 35c cleavage. So much so that when Nairy and I went to the bathroom she asked if “ I was planning on fucking Bob”. I said no way, just hoping he thinks I’m sexy. Nairy knew of my mother’s obsession.

During dinner Bob put his hand on my knee. Great, I thought. He started moving it up my leg, even better. Then I remembered I wasn’t wearing knickers and pushed his hand away. I didn’t really want him to touch me, or so I thought.

After dinner we went back to Bob’s for a nightcap, which I didn’t need. Once there Bob offered to show me, only me, the view of London from the other side of his apartment. I knew this was code for “let’s have sex” and freaked out a bit but said yes.

As I was walking down the hall I was thinking “how am I going to get out of this without him thinking I’m all talk no action?”
I decided I would tell him my mother still had feelings for him, which I’m sure she did, and I didn’t want to be unfaithful to her.

The other side of the apartment was, as expected, his bedroom. The view was quite magnificent but, the window was a bit low so I had to lean on the sill to see it properly. There I was, no knickers bent over, thinking “how am I going to get out of this?” Then Bob asked if I wanted a shower! Oh my god. No, I sort of stammered, then turned back to look at the view. Bob said he would and suggested I enjoy the view while he did.

I was thinking maybe I should just leave now but decided I would look stupid so waited for him. Freaking out I heard the bathroom door open, without turning around I caught a glimpse of Bob in a bathrobe. Freaking out even more I just stared out the window.

Then it happened, no warning, I felt Bob’s cock nudging against my pussy! Instinctively I pushed back, what was happening? Did I really want to fuck this sixty year old man? I then sort of blacked out for a minute. When I came too, so to speak, Bob was pumping away moaning “you are so beautiful”.

I decided I’d come this far, I might as well show him how experienced, even slutty, I was. I reached between my legs and started stroking, then squeezing his balls. Bob pumped deeper and faster then quickly pulled out. I think he was about to cum. Then he had me turn around and asked me to let my dress drop to the floor. Slightly embarrassed, but not wanting to show it, I did as he asked.

There I was, naked apart from bra and heels, with Bob staring at my bald pussy. Strangely I was starting to like it, even getting turned on at the pleasure in his eyes as he ogled my body. Bob then stepped toward me and put his hands on my shoulders. Great I thought, I give great blow jobs as I can control my gag reflex and therefore deep throat any cock. Certainly one bigger than Bob’s. Now I would really show him how experienced I was.

I squatted down and started licking then sucking his cock. Pumping his shaft my lips touching his body and balls as I took him all the way down my throat. Then Bob asked me to look up at him, which I did as I pumped away. The look of sheer ecstasy on his face almost brought me to orgasm straight away! I reached down and rubbed my clit and came a few seconds later.

Then Bob had me sit on the bed, legs apart. I was feeling really uncomfortable, but did so anyway. When he asked me to lean back and bring my knees to my shoulders I thought I would die. Strangely, I actually liked it. Looking into Bob’s excited eyes was really turning me on. I started masturbating, even spreading my lips with one hand while I fingered myself from below with the other. I came again, and I think he noticed. All this while Bob was stroking his cock saying “ you are gorgeous”.

Bob then came toward me and slid his cock deep into my pussy. I don’t normally have my eyes open during sex but looking at Bob’s eyes, or his cock pumping in and out of my bald pussy, was making me hornier than I’d ever been. I don’t know what came over me, and instantly wished I hadn’t said it, but I then blurted out “am I the best you’ve had?” He paused and was about to say no when I said “why not?”

When he said because he likes anal, I shocked myself when I replied “what makes you think I don’t?” What was happening to me? There I was, best friend in the living room while I get fucked by my mothers ex boyfriend and I’m about to lose my anal virginity! I knew I’d be able to handle it, I often fuck my butt with my vibrator, but why was I so on fire that I was acting like the biggest slut in the world.

Bob pulled out of my pussy and watched while I used my pussy juice to lube my arse. He then slowly stuck his cock deeper and deeper in my butt. It hurt a little at first but soon he was pumping away furiously. I was loving it! My fingers were rubbing my clit and spreading my lips while I looked straight into Bob’s eyes then at his cock thrusting in and out of my arse. I came again, shuddering. When I sensed Bob was about to cum I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth, I didn’t want semen dripping out of my arse on the way home.

When we finished Bob said he had a lot of friends who would be happy to help me with money for my trip, if I knew what he meant? I said no thanks and quickly dressed. Nairy and Marty gave me a knowing look when I got back to the living room and, somewhat embarrassed, we quickly departed.

I lied to Nairy and told her we just chatted but did manage to give Bob a flash of my pussy. I’m sure she didn’t believe me.

In bed that night I couldn’t stop thinking about the look in Bob’s eyes of sheer pleasure. So much so that I had, yet another, orgasm. I decided then and there to call Bob in the morning and offer to “meet” his friends.

I got paid well but didn’t feel like a hooker, I was having the time of my life. So much so that I would have been happy to fuck all his friends for free. As I said at the beginning, I like fucking really old men. Always missionary, either in my pussy or arse. I enjoy looking into their eyes knowing they are having the time of their life. Is it a power thing or just proving to my mum I am sexual? Whatever it is I don’t care, I’m happy, successful, in love and it’s the only weird thing I do.



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  • No comment! I'm too exhausted from reading such a long confession. If it's true, I'm AN OLD FUCK FOR YOU BUT IF IT'S A MADE UP STORY I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU WHEN YOU DECIDE TO ACT IT OUT. lol.

  • I was care taking my grandpa one day.
    I never thought of it before but he has dementia.
    He was in boxers and i could see his cock like many times before bulges out.
    It usually made me uncomfortable but this was the first time i was alone with him while mom was at work.
    I kept looking at it. I felt funny about it.
    When he went to bathroom i watched him.
    His cock looked smooth and thick like a young guy.
    When he went back to living room i just pulled his boxers diwn he let me.
    He sat down on couch and i sat beside him his boxers at his knees
    I started feeling his cock and it got hard.
    Without saying anything i straddle him and oull my panties aside and fucked him.
    I cut out parts to get to point but i came quickly

  • My moms bf and i had sex one night
    I really didn’t mean for it to happen .
    We were watching tv mom was at work and i laid down and put my head on his lap.
    His hand came down onto my shoulder then it was on my chest.
    He held his hand there along time till i got up to ise bathroom.
    When i came back he had his leg up on couch where i was laying.
    He padded chair for me to set with jom so i did.
    He pulled me close and soon his hand was on my chest.
    He took his other hand up my back under my shirt i sat up to get his hand out and he pulled me up against him.
    He slide his hand down and into my shorts.
    I leaned against him trying to pull away. He held me tight to him and he started fingering me.
    I was nervous and I started giggling.
    He held me tight and slide my shorts down not stopping rubbing me.
    He slid my shorts down still fingering me.
    I twisted around with my back to him andhe slude my shorts down.
    At this point i should of stopped him but I didn’t i just let him enter me he got on me and i felt his huge cock sliding into me.
    I stayed still and quite and he started fucking me. He came in a few minutes pulling out and pumping all iver my stomach.
    Still to this day I haven’t told mom and we have not talked about it.

  • Hot story

  • I'm fucking my dad's first girlfriend Cindy. I'm 25 and she moved into the apartment next to me. I had no idea who she was, just a hot milf. We became friends, and she began wearing less and less around me.

    She was over and we were smoking some pot, when she told me that she gets horny when she gets buzzed. Needless to say, a short time later we were fucking. We fucked half the night, then again in the morning.

    My dad stopped by the next morning to drop off a new sink faucet for me and nearly had a heart attack seeing Cindy only wearing one of my shirts that barely covered her naked pussy.

  • Hot!!!

  • Such a bullshit story, dude !

  • The only weird thing you do....

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