Lucky as fuck

Believe it or not, I don't care.
I have worked with this women who is hot as fuck for 3 years now. All the guys at work flirt with her all the time. I regularly hear many of them talking about how they would give anything to fuck her. Unfortunately for them, she is married and quite regularly turns them down. I been witnessed to this and the frustration of those who strike out. I can honestly say that I have never once flirted with her or propositioned her, eventhough I work directly with her. It's not that never wanted to I just never saw the point after listening to every other guy get shot down.

My boss came to me awhile back and told me I was ready to run my own project. He gave me the freedom to assemble my own team and run it the way I wanted to. I was over the moon and quickly asked this woman to be part of my team. She accepted and we started the project. Things went very well and we finished the project ahead of schedule and below budget. She and I were both recognized with awards. As a result, she and I went out to celebrate. We decided to drink and enjoy ourselves, we also ended up too drunk to drive. Considering we live in a smaller community, we only have a couple taxis services. I called for a taxi, but no one was available. We decided to walk instead. On the way to her house, she decided she had to pee, so we stopped off at a park on the way. To my surprise, she did NOT have to pee. She started kissing me and grabbing me, she told me she wanted to have sex with me, right there. I tried to play it off as she was drunk, but she started unzipping my pants. I wanted her so bad, and she wanted me. I couldn't resist and fucked right there in the park. She has a stunning body with absolutely perfect breasts. She was shaved bald and the smell of her pussy was like no other woman I had ever been with. I could not believe I was having sex with this woman.

The following Monday we saw eachother the first time since. We found some time to talk and she asked me not to talk about what happened. I assured her I was not one to gossip or brag. I asked her why me out of every guy in the place. She told me it was because I had selected her for my project. She also said it was because I had never propositioned her. We talked for a bit more and then she reiterated that I should keep it to myself. Then she said if I did, there would be a chance of a repeat. To date we have not, but I still can't believe I had sex with her. I keep my little secret while the other guys still bitch about her.


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  • So she was drunk so didn't consent,so that's rape there.

  • Why you think they don't charge juveniles with a sex crime? It's illegal to have sex with a minor no matter how old the the other person is. Two minors having sex have both committed a crime and both could be charged. In most cases they don't, because that would be stupid and make absolutely no sense for both to be victims and attackers. Same thing here.

  • He was drunk too, so did she rape him?
    That road goes both ways dumbass.

  • It would have been better if the two of you had gotten back to her house before she told you she wanted sex. Even a carpeted floor would have been more comfortable. What if she unknowingly got poison ivy on her ass, how would she explain that to her husband?

  • Couldn't go to my house. Her house was closer than mine. We would have passed her house first.

  • Hot. Did she end up taking your load between her legs back home to her hubby?

  • I'm sure she did. I dropped a good load in her.

  • Good man. She seems like a hot one that likes sex. I would think she's already had sex with other co-workers. Or, now that she's tried it, will probably starting accepting the next propositions especially if the dude is tall and large.

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