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I am a forty something married woman. I’ve been married nearly 25 years and have had very little interest in vaginal sex since I had kids. My husband is average (from what I’ve read), and I can hardly feel him inside me at times. We’ve only had anal sex with a clit vibe for 15 plus years. The longer we’ve done it, the better it gets. I can’t get pregnant that way, and though my ass has gotten more “accepting” of him, it’s never gotten like my vagina. I bring this up because of my own insecurities. But from a mans perspective, do you Guys think he’s happy with me? With this arrangement? I’ve often wondered if he’d rather have the other....only tighter.


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  • Yes it’s normal. If I had a choice I would prefer anal on my wife. My wife is really tight her pussy that is. But I love to fuck her ass. I guess because it’s taboo. I love nice asses I’m a ass man. I love when she goes crazy when I’m fucking her ass.

  • You seem to infer that your vagina is all stretched out of shape due to popping out kids. That's your insecurities at work. No, I wouldn't be good with ass and oral, only. I'd be out looking for some pussy. Now, if you're a great cook, mom, and housekeeper, that may be why he's keeping you around, and try to be happy with that.

  • Also, it’s not just being stretched out, although that is part of it. It’s also desensitized and I just don’t get much from it. He enjoys it more when I do too.

  • Thank you for your honesty.
    I am a great cook housekeeper and mom btw

  • You should visit me in California...

  • What would we do bby?

  • Don't over think the situation. Just keep trying and be creative. Communicate honestly. The emotional side of being inside a woman includes anal too. Being inside your lovers' body is a unique privilege. Do you offer him oral sex and pamper him with your mouth? Practice your options and keep the communication going.

  • I absolutely do oral on him. I swallow too. He loves that. That’s what we do for a quickie. No such thing with anal.

  • You sound nearly perfect to me. Are you in the bay area?

  • No bby I’m not.

  • Personally I would not complain if my wife/partner only offered anal sex. I’ve had partners in the past with whom I only had anal sex. I think it’s amazing and could be perfectly happy in an anal-only relationship ship. I wouldn’t necessarily choose it, but if I met the right person and that was her thing, I would be content with it.
    Incidentally I’m curious: if you’re okay sharing...are you a plus size woman by chance? I’ve found it’s mostly bigger women who are open to anal sex.

  • I’m 5-6, 140.

  • Again, you are nearly perfect. I prefer anal sex over vaginal

  • Thank you for that bby

  • Oh wow, not a big girl at all. I’ve always wanted to have anal sex with a smaller girl but like I said it seems only the big ones are into it. That’s ok, I’m fine with big girls I guess, but still sort of would like to try it with a smaller chick.

  • How big are you hun?

  • I’m lean, pretty fit. 5’7 and 160 or so. I have about 5-1/2” cock, about 5” around. So not huge.

  • Perfect for ass bby

  • Wish I could experience yours. Would love to be with a woman your size just once. Long term would be even better.

  • Long term, trusting relationships definitely make sex better. And it’s an absolute must with anal sex. But I love to fantasize about many men wanting my ass. Feel it tight around your shaft as you pump your seed inside me. Mmmmmm I love it.

  • Sounds amazing. What position do you like for it?

  • Definitely doggie. I love the submission

  • That’s awesome. I’d give it to you how you liked it, maybe slap your ass a little while I plugged it. You’d probably enjoy that, yes?

  • Absolutely bby. Make me yours, use me as you wish....
    Love having my round as slapped while it’s being filled

  • I’d definitely fill it. Multiple times a day.

    You should hit me up if you ever want to chat.

  • You are a dream come true. Like having your ass fucked and slapped at the same time. Love to take you on some trips. Like to travel?

  • I absolutely love it!!

  • I agree. And every woman who’s been blessed to have my perfect cock in her ass seems to agree too.

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