Same ole same shit !

Well here I am all dressed up and raring to go. I'm so absolutely horny and cruising for some dick. Meanwhile my worthless hubby is snoring laying next to me on a Friday evening. I even pulled his boxer down a bit and began to lick and suck on him. He mumbled something I don't know and rolled over continuing to snore his ass off. So this is my story. I can't get fucking laid once again. I really need a man to come over and fuck me really good in the spare bedroom while my poor ole tired hubby gets his much needed rest. I'm not over the hill just yet you know. I'm only 51 and pretty good looking if I do say so myself. Everyone thinks that I'm not much older than 40. I have nice perky breast with nipples that stick right out. My ass in nice and firm but yet juicy and round. I have really great legs and no spider veins. Not a single one. My hair is medium length brunette. I have green / gray eyes that sparkle. My weight is only 132 lbs. and I'm only 5 ft. 8 inches tall. My husband was once a vibrant specimen of a man who loved to make love for hours. Not anymore though. He doesn't even care much about his appearance anymore. His poor limp manhood barely stands erect now. I'm in serious need of a good stiff vigorous sweaty love making session. I long to be held and caressed. Kissed passionately like I deserve. What I really need is a lawyer with a big cock to divorce my poor ole pooped out hubby and lay me down and fuck my brains out. Now that would be a most excellent package if I do say. Any lawyers out there with nice cocks ready to help a poor sexy older lady in need of a good shag?

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  • You must be doing something wrong

  • Yes I sure am. Staying with a limp fucking dick husband. That's my crime. But no more. I'm going to fuck and real soon. Fuck this Covid shit I'm getting some cock.

  • Well tell us where you live and let’s fix things up for you

  • I live in Annapolis , MD. where do you guys live?

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