Rape Rant

The media often runs stories claiming that men who view porn or go to strip clubs etc are engaging in activity that desensitizes them to rape and sexual abuse. I say crap. When I see a raving sex-pot walking down the street in a tiny skirt with a bitchin' butt, hot tits and legs forever the last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt her or do anything to discourage her from giving us guys a free show.

Sure, women get raped and that's horrible but any cop will tell you that sexual attractiveness is no indicator of how likely a girl is to be attacked. If anything, it's the plain ones that tend to be targeted but that's possibly because they don't think they'd be targeted and take less acre with personal safety.

In my private mind, I refer to hot women as hot sluts, fuck-holes, cock sockets, cum dumpsters etc. All these terms are regarded as derogatory and I never use them to anyone's face yet women regard me as a perfect gentleman. I would guess that many men, if they're honest, think the same way. I'm a prolific consumer of porn and jack off whenever the fancy takes me but I have never pressured any woman into sex or made any unwanted advances. Time and time again, it's the guys with the public image of respectability that turn out to be the creeps.

So I wish the media would stop portraying sex-crazed porn lovers as a danger to women and children. I am the least likely person to assault anyone.

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  • I love rape porn but it's not the same thing as being at a live rape. Watching the woman pleading not to be fucked is just so hard it makes my cock super hard. It's fun to grab a bitch by the hair yank her head back and see the fear in her eyes as she knows your cock is going to be sliding in and out of her wet hot box or mouth. Oh baby have to run the nurses are changing shift in a few moments. Love a woman in a white uniform.

  • The best thing about trolls? Huge dicks.

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