Stepdaughter tits

When I married my wife she had a daughter from previous marriage and she was 8 at the time. She is 22 now and OMG. The filled out quire well and now obsessing about fucking her virgin pussy. Her tit are perfect! I think it D cup or maybe just short but It stand up on its own with thick Ariola and nipples about half an inch long. Her pussy didn’t have any hair surprisingly and her mound was thick. She uses our master bath to shower and I happened to walk in and was frozen in time with her washing her hair and staring back at me in the stand and shower. My cock was instantly hard and I slowly backed out of the room apologizing but it was already too late the image I saw of her was burned into my brain. I’ve masturbated countless times and pretending to be fucking her when I’m fucking her mom and I would give anything just to get to fuck her mouth ass tits and pussy. She does look up to me so it’s hard the ethics of it all and I don’t want to cross the line but if I ever get a chance I want to tear that pussy up

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  • Just an update: We've been stuck in the house due to COVID and it's driving me crazy. On day she complained about a knot in her back and she wasn't quite sure how make better. I offered to crack her back and if you can imagine the exhilaration when she said yes. I had her cross her arms across her chest and stood behind, reached around her, and with her back against my chest I slowly picked her up while leaning backwards to crack her back. As hard as I tried i could not control my cock from springing to life and it was literally nestled between the crack of her ass. I did the same thing about three times trying to crack her back and she didn't show any sign or said anything. Afterwards I immediately ran to the bathroom and had the best jerk session thinking of her riding my hard cock. later that night, she still complained about her back and I remarked if she want I can try to give her a back rub to try and rub it out and to my shock she said yes. I generally work late during the night and told her I would stop by on my way to bed if she was still up. Just before I packed up for the night I check to see if her door was still open and sure enough it was. I got some baby oil and a warm towel from the facet hot water and proceed to her room. My heart was in my throat and I had no idea what going to become but I knew if she let me I was going to fuck her hard and rough.

  • When I entered her room she was already sleeping but on top of sheets with only a long shirt on and it was up enough for me to see her thong. I really never occurred to me that she might be bating me and want to fuck me as much I wanted to fuck her. I slowly pull her shirt up to her mid-back and started slowly massaging after rubbing the oil in my hands to warm it. She twitch a little and I know she wasn't sleeping but pretended. It was both pleasure and torture as my cock was bobbing out of control and I can feel the precum. The lighting was dim but I had full view of her ass cheeks as watch the thong disappear between her ass cheeks. I bent down within inches of her ass to in hale her aroma. I had it mind in every way to just jump her bones but still want to be the respectful step-dad. Started massaging her lower back and slowly moved up to her upper-back and making my way to sides. As I started to slightly touch her side-tits from the side I heard her take a deep breath and I paused. I continued massaging her back and after I gave her time to go back to pretend sleep I got a little braver and rubbed her tits from the sides. She must of gotten a change of mind because she stirred a bit before moving both arms up to her sides to cover her side-tits so, I couldn't get access. I continue rubbing her back for a time then left work her mom up and fuck her like it was going to be my last time. The next day it was if the massage didn't happened as we both avoided talking about it.

  • I first fucked my step-daughter when she was 16, and that was over 25 years ago. And we've never stopped fucking, from twice a month to as often as 10 times a month during the first 6 or 7 years. It's just fucking, as we both agreed a long time ago, and without doubt she is the best fucking I've ever had. She told me a long time ago that she loves cock and could not live without it, and wonders how her life would have gone without me fulfilling her needs. Her mother loves cock too, but not near as much as her daughter.

    I may be bragging, but I've had more then my share of fucking since I first fucked my grandmother during the summer of '73.

  • Love to know how it all started and how to get her over the ethics

  • My stepdaughter has a hot tight body too imagine what it would be like to fuck her a lot.
    Even when fucking her mom I'm imagining her.

  • I think about my stepdaughter every time I jerk off

  • My stepdaughter has the hottest body and the nicest tits. I get hard every time she walks in the room.

  • I’m just glad you think she’s hot even with half inch freak nipples

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