I love secretly wearing sexy womens clothes

It is a really good thing they didn't have the internet around when I was younger. All the sexy things I see on there. I would have bought everything I see on Amazon. I would have stayed broke. I love all the high heels I see, I love all the panty hose and stockings I see on there, all the body shapers, the girdles, the breast forms, the wigs. I would have went crazy buying all that stuff. And I am a guy.

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  • I wanted to wear a bustier but my wife wouldn't buy it for me. She says a real sissy like me should go buy his own. When I went to the store the sales lady asked if it was for me. I was so embarrassed all I could do is nod yes. She tried to reassure me and said that I wasn't the only fairy boy to buy lingerie for himself.
    She asked if I wanted to buy some panties, but I told her that my wife gave me her hand-me-downs. She showed me to the room in back to try it on. It had a wonderful constrictive feel with a full bullet bra. Suddenly she walks into the dressing room. There I'm standing in front of the long mirror but with no panties on. She looks at my crotch and says, "That's the tiniest penis I've ever seen. I'll bet your wife has a boyfriend." Again, I was so humiliated that all I could do was nod. After ringing up the sale she invited me back.
    I will go back to buy more frilly things. The humiliation by the nice lady was worth every penny.

  • Goddamn, sweetie, sounds like you bypassed Victoria's Secret altogether and patronized her dowdy, down-at-the-heels cousin, Blabbermouth Bitchwear !

  • I think you are refreshingly honest and are not in the least unusual. Most men just won't talk about it. I understand you.

  • I have just ordered the most lovely nylon nightdress and negligee, with lots of lace. It's so full and gloriously floaty with matching full-bum nylon knickers. These were bought from a sissy web-site which caters for a girl like me!!
    I can't wait for my lover to see me wear them and have me in them.

  • It's so sensual, getting showered, drying, creaming your excited body, then going to the bedroom to dress and seeing all the girly clothes laid out just waiting for your enjoyment.
    With your towel around you sitting in front of the dressing table, your carefully apply make-up, then dry your hair to the style you adore admiring yourself in the mirror, then get up, you already have an erect cock.
    You pull on your girdle, then stockings fastening them carefully to the girdle suspender straps. Then get your lace and satin bra, fasten the clips and slide it around your chest, putting your arms through the straps. Now the nylon knickers, all white, glossy and slippery, you feel so naughty now as you gently pull those lovely knickers up over your erect and trembling cock.
    But, you want more, you go to the closet and gaze at the selection of silk or nylon full slips hanging on their fancy hangers, awww! which one?
    You choose a white lacy nylon and lace slip to match your knickers and bra, you take it from the hanger and hold it against your body, so feminine and slippery, you're feeling so girly, you slip the lovely garment over your head letting it fall down your body and as it does so you caress your body through it, down your chest feeling the lace and down to your thighs and you're legs instinctively bend at the knees and clamp together with the thrill of it as you tease your cock held tight in your silky knickers.
    Now a dress, but which one will he like, you say to yourself, silky and flouncy you decide, so he can easily lift the hem and caress and feel you wanting him. You choose a light blue silky polyester Medeshe number which sits just above the knees, it's A-line and very floaty and semi see-through, you put it on and look in the full length closet mirror, you nearly cum with the feeling of femininity as you put a pair of high heels on and mince to the dressing table sit down and apply your lipstick.
    Now you wait for your lover to arrive.

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