Sex with the cunt

I had sex with my sister (who is actually my adopted step cousin, anyway, that's a long story) she was the one who came on to me though. She is only a year older than me, so when my parents took her in at 12 years old, I wasn't too impressed to say the least. I hated her and I hated my parents for a long time.

When I was 15, she 16, my parents went out of town for the weekend. They gave us the whole speech about, don't have any parties and don't burn down the house. Then they hit us with the bombshell that we couldn't go anywhere either. Fuck my life, I would be stuck at home all weekend with my cunt sister who's not even my sister. Nice. I was so pissed I went to my room and slammed the door. That was Friday night. The next day, long after my parents had gone, I snuck out of room and grabbed some food. Back to my room I went. A little later that night I hear a knock on my door. It's my cunt sister. She wants to know if she can come in and talk. I tell her no, but she just won't go away. So I finally open the door and ask her WHAT?

She stands in my doorway and starts talking about God only knows what. I meanwhile returned to playing my game. Finally she asks if I'm even listening to her. I node my head yes, but really I hadn't heard a word. That's when she says she knows a way to get my attention. She starts untying her housecoat and slowly opens it enough so I could see she wasn't wearing anything underneath, but not open enough so I could see anything. It was basically a side shot of her naked body.

She was right, she did get my attention. I asked her what she wanted and she said she was bored to death and wanted to talk. She told me she would keep it interesting and proceeded close her housecoat back around to the front. I asked her how so. She opened just the top part so I could see her cleavage. I reached over and turned off my game. That's when she dropped the housecoat off her shoulders down to her waist and exposed her tits to me. The more we talked, the more she loosened her housecoat until she was standing in front of me completely naked.

I have to admit she was extremely gorgeous and my dick was rock hard. She sat down on the bed next to me and asked if I had ever had sex yet. I ironically had just lost my virginity a month prior to a girl who had a crush on me in Algebra class. We hooked up after school at her parents house. I had purchased a 6 pack of condoms (most embarrassing day of my life) just for that occasion. So obviously I had 5 left.

Anyway, back to my sister. So after I said I had some condoms, she started kissing me. I pull back, but she starts rubbing my dick. Then she unzips my pants and pulls me out. I'm thinking to myself what the hell is happening here, and I know we shouldn't be doing this but I just can't stop it. Truth is I think I want it. I know more than finish thinking that, and she leans down taking my dick in her mouth. I'm about to cum, so I stop her. She starts again and a few seconds later I have to stop her again. This goes on for a few minutes. Then she sits up and tells me to strip. I did as I was told and quickly stripped naked laying back down on the bed while she grabbed a condom out of my stash. She rolls the condom on my dick and then gets on top of me straddling me. She starts rubbing my dick in her pussy and a minute later she slides down on me. Thank God I had a condom on because I came immediately. She pulled off me and removed the used condom. Again she started sucking me until I was hard again.

Round two, and hopefully a little long this time. She slid back down on me and began to ride me. I massaged her perfect tits and played with her ass as she road up and down on me. Then she stopped and started grinding on me. That was new and I wondered how she even liked it without moving. She quickly gave me an answer when I was pretty sure she orgasmed. She clinched her legs around my side and dug her nails into my chest. After she finished she got off me and laid down on the bed next to me. I got between her legs and pushed my dick back in her. I lifted her legs and started fucking hard and fast. About a minute of that was all I could take before I came again... I guess my adopted sister step cousin, whatever the hell she is, really isn't that bad after all.

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