Am I a slut or just an exhibitionist?

I’m after some advice. Which, will become apparent why, I can’t ask my parents or even friends.

Even though I wore the shortest skirts and shorts when I was young I thought it was just cause they looked good, not because I’m an exhibitionist. Well last summer I found out I definitely am, and maybe more.

I live in Sydney and there are plenty of nude beaches. So, even though I’m only 16 and still in school, it’s easy for me to go to one. I told myself it was to avoid tan lines, but after my first time I realised I liked people perving at me in the nude. After a while I even started putting my towel as far from the water as possible so I would have to parade up and down the beach when I went for a swim! So far nothing too outrageous, it’s what happened after a week of visiting the beach that has me both troubled and excited.

My routine was to go to the beach on my way home from school. I’d walk down the path towards the beach then, when no one was looking, duck into the bushes to change out of my school uniform into a bikini. The beach was full of mostly men, some women, all over 40 and there I was a 16 year old school girl. I knew I looked young but I felt the schoolgirl bit was weird.

Anyway, one day while getting changed I noticed a person watching me from behind a tree about 5 metres away. I quickly got changed trying to hide my naked body then rushed down to the beach. I knew there would be perverts around, I just didn’t want to see them watching me. Or, so I thought.

That night I fantasised about the guy watching me and it turned me on. So much so I was hoping he would be there the next day. And he was!

This time I slowly got changed, even paused for a moment while I was completely naked. He stayed behind the tree, but I noticed his arm was moving frantically. Was he wanking?

That turned me on even more. The next day, sure enough, he was there. Only this time he started wanking before I even started getting undressed. I undid the buttons on my school dress. Then, with my dress still on, took off my bra and slowly wiggles out of my knickers. He actually leaned a bit to one side for a better view but still stayed behind the tree.

Then I slowly took off my dress. Completely naked, bald pussy on show, I stood running my fingers through my hair for about 30 seconds. My plan has been to then get in my bikini and leave but I was getting really turned on knowing he was wanking.

I squatted down, legs apart pretending to look for something in my school bag. Then, I don’t know what came over me, but I signalled for him to come closer. When he was about three metres away I put up my handing telling him to stop. There he was with his cock in his hand staring at my wide open pussy. I leans back, rested one hand on the ground and started spreading my lips and masturbating myself. He was wanking frantically, I was so hot I came almost straight away. Then he did too, all over the ground. I’d never seen a guy masturbate before. I’d had sex once but he came inside me so I’d never seen a guy cum. I orgasmed again. Then left.

I decided to never go back. What if he tried to fuck me? Or worse what if I wanted him to? Thing is, I can’t stop thinking about it and every time I do I have an enormous orgasm. I’m thinking of going back next summer.

Will I be safe? Am I a slut and if so should I find out or just bury the emotion?



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  • "Slut" is a word used to make you feel dirty or bad for enjoying your body. But there's nothing wrong with that, you should always be true to yourself and your desires. Women call other women "sluts" out of jealousy. They're jealous because you're comfortable with your body and your sexuality and your sexual activities, something that they themselves don't have the courage to do because they have a lack of confidence compared to you.

    On a different note, give in to your desires. Be honest about what you want, without worrying about the consequences too much! There's no shame in having a little harmless fun!

  • You are an exhibitionist... you like being watched. Which is ok I think.. nothing wrong with that. Wanna be a slut? Then invite the older men and get then in a circle so you can be in the center and suck and jerk them... hope you do go back and at least masturbate for some beach goers

  • Slut is a term jealous women use to describe another woman who knows that she likes sex. Some women are prudes, afraid to admit they like cock, or pussy, and love to be fucked to orgasm, especially if that orgasm makes her squirm and tremble in delight as her pussy gushes it's thick cream from deep within her. But after they have had this type of orgasm they quite often feel guilty and it is this shameful guilt that fosters the jealousy that they feel toward women who know how to enjoy what their body can do for them.

    What you do is enjoy what your body can do for you and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • So hot! Wish I could see your gorgeous little 16yo pussy! If I was him I’d definitely want to fuck you.
    You could at least give him a blow job!

  • Yeah, you're a slut AND an exhibitionist but that's beautiful. This world can be a miserable place with many in charge doing their darndest to make it even worse. Hot teenage schoolgirls who love causing men to blow their nuts are a little oasis of pleasure and a welcome relief from life's troubles. Go ahead and spread sexual happiness and have fun doing it.

  • Right on! Especially during this pandemic lockdown what's wrong with some erotic fun. Maybe the guy on the beach would just make a good friend. Be careful, but have some fun.

  • I used to have a regular bar I went to. They never carded, they always let me in, and I always got fucked. You just need a place like that

  • Just don’t go to a second location with him, but I’ve had my best sex with strangers, so I say get it while you can

  • You are just experimenting with you sexuality, but now you have found that you can control any man you want with your sex.
    Go again next year but see if you can take a friend with you. Safety in numbers.

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