Putting the 'Ex' Back in Sex

With my encouragement, my wife and I are striking up a close friendship with her ex-husband Bill who recently lost his wife. For reasons that are too lengthy to explain here, we are slowly moving towards a relationship that would not only provide a good friendship between the three of us, but also a sexual relationship between my wife and her ex. We haven't explicitly told him this, but everything we've done was to further those goals.

Last night the three of us were talking on the phone and after discussing various topics (including my wife's steamy pictures on Instagram), Bill told my wife that he is usually up at around 2:30am and that she should call him if she's up during the night, which she often is.

So that happened. My wife's ex-husband flirted with my wife in front of me. And I couldn't be happier. We are making good progress.

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  • I'm usually a little jealous when I see guys check out my smoking hot wife Bonny. No big deal, I don't go crazy. My good buddy Bill went out with her first - we met her the same night at trendy pub. He went out with her Mon, me Wed and she went with her boyfriend she was cheating on over the weekend. We often dated the same girls. Our only rule, all is fair -- get what you can. She wouldn't have sex with me because of the boyfriend, but kept my interest with blowjobs. Didn't think she was doing that for Bill, she seemed to fancy me. One night at Bill's the 2 go missing. I snoop around and she's giving him a blowjob behind some shrubs. Sorta happy for Bill, and a little mad at her -- but I get over it. 6 months goes by and we're both fucking her. She's our girlfriend, she thinks it's a little weird, but we don't. We're both happy we're dicking that hot girl who's out of our league. She gets over sluttyness of having 2 partners. Now she's spoiled. She likes being spit roast. Anyway she picks me, then Bill finds a his own girlfriend. 10 years later she admits she still gets the spit roast urge. I buy her a big dildo to suck on. We have a couple videos we guard like gold.

  • My ex showed up at my place about a year and half after we split up, she totally interrupted poker night. I asked her why in the hell she would just stop on over like it was no big deal and she just started hanging out and getting us beers and drinks. Two hours later she is lit from probably the Tequila and she is getting all cozy with me and some of the other guys. I saw one with his hand rubbing her ass thru her jeans and she was not even flinching. Last hand and she is still there, one of the guys started really rubbing on her and soon they were looking at me wondering what the hell was going on. I just looked at everyone and told them I do not care what you do with her just as long as she wants it.

  • Heard my wife chatting drunkenly about sexual encounters to people on video chat. She mentioned her ex. Didn't hear it all but from the gist of it he was her biggest and quite possibly best. So later on with her still drunk got her chatting about it. She opened up easily and told me it was so big and thick that he had to ease it in the first few times but then she started handling it like a boss.I asked her if she'd fuck him again if I let her and she said yes.I made her message him.She got flirty and so did he.Got her to ask him for a dick pic.When it came it was the biggest dick id seen.Then got her to ask him if he wanted a fuck for old time sake,he said say when and where.

  • Does the "Ex" have a wife that you can fuck too, or is he a solitary man?

  • He's a recent widower.

  • Go for it. You will find yourself sooo turned on by seeing her turned on. The lovely thing about MFM is that there is always a hard cock waiting for her. My first wife did a spontaneous mom early in our marriage. We were young enough to keep her filled for hours

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