Eating my own cum

Last night my wife and I had sex for the first time since she gave birth. We started by showering together. We got in bed and I started sucking her nipples. Then I went down on her. She tasted so good. After going down on her for about 20 minutes. She pulled me up and made me lay down so she could ride me. It was so good. Her soft skin, big butt and tight pussy. She rode me until she came. I came soon after. For some time though when we would have sex I would ask her to sit on my face after she came to make me clean her up. She would always say she would but we would both cum and then just lay there. But it finally happened. She came and I did shortly after. When I was done pumping my load in to her she crawled up on my face a d pit her pussy on my mouth. I started suckin her pussy immediately. Right when I started sucking her pussy I felt a big hot glib of my cum land in my mouth. It was so good. As I did this I kept stroking my cock and came again! It was amazing! I kept sucking my cum from her pussy until it was clean. When she got off my face I could feel our mixed cum drying in my face. I love it. I asked what she thought. She said it didn't get her going but she would do it again.

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  • It's pretty humiliating, but my wife likes to prop my butt up in her kneeling lap with my legs splayed up in the air and strokes me aiming at my mouth and face. I can almost get close enough to lick the tip in this position. Like I said, it's pretty humiliating to be spread like that with my mouth open and wanting to cum so much. The dirtier she talks, the more it makes me want it. Hard to wrap my head around.

  • My wife likes me to lick her boyfriends cum out of her pussy. I also like suckingbtheir dicks clean.

  • My gf likes when I lick my cum out her pussy

  • Same with my wife. I always go down on her first, then fuck her and cum in her pussy, then go back down on her until she cums. We both love it.

  • Better than secretly putting your cum on someones food. Yuk!!

  • I love to eat my own cum when I masturbate

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