Just once i would like to swallow another mams cum

I was raped at 17 by a black man , wrong place wrong time , but now im damn near 66 years old , and now i so much wish to give oral sex to another man . im in the colorado area of aspen .

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  • Lots of GOP cock suckers in Aspen, they hire 13 year old boys for their annual gatherings.

  • Well want be posting here again , im human and was just sharing a thought , then all hell breaks loose on me , never again .

  • You have been longing for him to come back and stick his black dick in your mouth so you can complete it. Nothing wrong just do it. Let it happen. I love sucking cock and swallowing semen. Love a good fucking too.

  • Hmmm ?

  • I've swallowed cum many times. Sometimes it (the taste) takes a little getting used to. The first time I swallowed I was at a porno theater and I was sucking a guys dick, He shot his load right down my throat and I hardly got to taste any of it. So since most of it was so far down my throat I just swallowed the rest of it. I was proud of myself for being able to bring him such pleasure. So be warned, if you suck one dick, that will be just the beginning of many dicks to come.

  • It does ponder the mind .

  • Im wondering .

  • What's to wonder. You want to swallow my hot load and bend over for me.

  • We can do without filthy cock suckers in Aspen, piss off you silly arsehole

  • Hmmm , dont you know ? Aspen is full of cocksuckers .

  • Be nice now or daddy will have to come to your house, knock on your door, come inside and bend you over your sticky leather couch and fuck the shit out of your ass and cum in your filthy nasty bitch mouth. So be nice or I will. I live on East Bleeker St. I will find you. Give you some butt hurt.

  • There can never be enough cocksuckers, you must be embarrassed to get yours out.

  • Amen! I say he probably has a very small pecker.

  • Never tease a desire or a thought ...

  • I have huge cock.But i could never find a girl.U and me have nearly same problem.We can help each other

  • Give me a reply back if you will .you have my interest .

  • If only i knew you were for real ?

  • Hell yes I would go right over and fill his needs. Over and over.

  • Waiting foe a reply ?

  • Hmmm would like to see it .

  • I’ve got a BBC to use on you. Be at the Starbucks Friday morning.

  • Hmmm , what star bucks ? hahaha im in colorado ,hahaha

  • The Starbucks in Aspen. You’ll know me when you see me and the fat bulge in my pants.

  • Hmmm never seen a star bucks in aspen .

  • 401 East Cooper in Aspen....be there on Friday noon.

  • I live on East Bleeker honey. Come and see me afterwards for a fun filled time of sexy hot cocks and seminal fluid.

  • Im married and very well known in the area , so with that being said , need to think this out some

  • What are you afraid of? Be there and I’ll give you my BBC. I’ll get a room at hotel across the street and give you the room number, then you come over by yourself. Let’s do this.

  • I am not looking for a hard cock up my ass , no kissing , no hugs , just tasting a desire , im not gay , bi curious maybe , but i just have the one desire only . like i said im well known in the area , i stand to loose alot if this venture is exposed .

  • Then quit wasting my time, time that I can use to find a real cocksucker. You want it, be there. I’ll be wearing a lakers cap. We go to the hotel bathroom In the lower level, and I blow my load into your mouth. You swallow then I zip up and leave.

  • A package photo gets a reply .

  • If our real send me a pic of the package .

  • Well what the hell , did not mean to bust your want , guess we will just have to move on , good luck to you .

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