Cum Spray

I went out with an indian woman and she was voluptuous and hot. We got down in her apt one time and undressed in the heat of the moment. I ate her twat, threw her bra to the floor, and just started jerking off. When I came it felt like an explosion of cum blasting out. She turned me on that much. I sprayed her body with cum from her lower belly all the way to her breasts and side of the face. She literally ran to the bathroom dripping in cum. True story...

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  • Indian women are super sexy, I think it may be their innocence that turns me on. I met this very hot woman at work, about 32yo married with no kids. We work in the same department and had a team building event and dinner about a year ago. I could tell she liked me and that night, with a few drinks, it really came out.

    Long story short, She had a few too many and asked if I could drive her home. Her husband was out of the country and had no one else to call. When we got to her apartment I asked if I could use her bathroom. When I came out I wanted to say goodbye but didn’t see her. I called her name while walking down the hallway, walking past her bedroom I saw her lying on the bed with just her panties and bra on.

    In less than 5 minutes we were fully engulfed in a mind blowing 69. I licked her fragrant hairy pussy and she was coming like crazy, moaning and dripping all over the place. Over the next 3 hours, we fucked like dogs. I ended up cumming twice then a third time as she blew me and I finished jerking whatever I had left in my balls all over her sexy face. Wow, incredible. I ended up taking her worn panties with me for future JO sessions, but we had to make it a one night stand because we were both married. Indian women are so damn sexy!

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