Love Fucking White Men

I'm an average Afro American male except I love to have sex with white males exclusively. My cock is a nice size but not overly big. I enjoy kissing and making out and tossing your salad. Love licking a nice pink asshole and taking the balls into my mouth. I enjoy being fucked as much as I do fucking my lover. I really love going clubbing and dancing where we can be ourselves. Too many Afro American males are afraid to talk about it. They are scared they might be like me. This is their biggest fear. If only they could be more like my white lovers. They embrace their sexuality. I know some don't like some of the brothers but for the most part you won't get your ass beat down cause your on the down low. I wish I could just be up front and didn't have to hide. It's especially hard for me being so involved in the church and all. I love Jesus and I also love sucking a nice hard white cock. I hate having to pretend to like women. I don't like living a double life. I have slept with women before but I much prefer to be with men. White men!

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