Married Women: 3 Part Question about Sex

Married women, married sex.

Were you sexual before you got married?

If yes, what was it that made you so sexual?
If no, have you become more sexual since you got married? Why or Why Not?

Would you ever cheat of your Married sex life just wasn’t enough? Or have you cheated because your Married sex life wasn’t enough?

Asking for a friend.

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  • Hello, Angelina here, first guy I had sex with I got pregnant at 14. Then met my husband, had 3 more kids with him, also had my tubes tied after that. Fast forward 14 years, and I’m a fat obese woman, sex was like a chore. Then found out about the gastric band, lost weight, and hubby still didn’t pay me any attention. So any man who complemented me, I gave some love too. The guys on his bowling team, while they came over for Monday night football, one by one then went missing, but I was fucking them in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc, the mailman, ups guy, mechanic, dads of our kids friends. At work I even locked the doors so some of the clients had a piece of me. Even my daughters fiancé. Sometimes it was just a quickie, sometimes all night, even a full weekend, after saying girls night, some of these men were married, some college students, a few neighbors. I divorced my husband, and now remarried, only regret is I’ve slept with all his friends already before meeting hubby.

  • To the sex before marriage thing, yes, I was sexual before marriage. I was a late bloomer, and didn't like my first time, at all. You could say I caved-in to peer pressure as none of my friends were virgins. I took on a "secret lover " who was a really cute guy, but, a crazy druggie too, so, I kept it a secret. As we had unprotected sex, he gave me herpes which I somehow managed to never pass on to my husband of forty years, but, it did manifest itself inside me as viral menningitus which will, most likely, eventually kill me. I did cheat on my husband but only after he had sex with this fat couple he met online, which I knew about, because I was present when it happened. He didn't know of my affair and when he found out, he kind of went off the deep end and got interested in Polyamory. He took on a much younger lover who was prettier and supposedly, sweeter than me. Meanwhile, my younger lover was having sex with as many partners as he could and even wanted to have a threesome with me and my husband. We did, and it was well-protected, but I got jealous when it looked like they were having more fun than me. I broke up with my lover and after the onset of menopause, began to be less and less interested in sex. My husband masturbates to porn and I may put an end to that, at some point.

  • Yes I was sexual before marriage but it was mainly straightforward type stuff.
    I guess the reason being I was brought up sheltered by religious parents so the minute I broke free at 17 I started experimenting sexually.But like I said nothing out of the ordinary.
    After marriage things got more interesting in alot of ways.Like before him I was never into anal but he got me into it.And also he suggested we try threesomes,both fmf and mfm (he was fair) and I thought id hate that but really loved them.Never had a reason to cheat but I don't know if it counts because we both adapted to an unofficial open marriage so I sometimes have guys outside of our threesomes.

  • Yes, I was sexual before marriage.
    What makes anyone sexual before marriage? Love, lust, alcohol, etc.
    Would I cheat on my husband? Probably not, but then again I have no reason to. My husband and I have a very satisfying sex life.

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