Dildo achievement

I am a sissy and put a whole 12 inch jelly dildo up my shitpipe. I am so proud of myself right now.

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  • You should be that is totally awesome. I still haven't reached that level. So far I'm only taking 7 inches right up to his yummy balls. I either have to get me a longer dildo or a new boyfriend. Which should I choose?

  • Fell asleep last night with a dildo in my ass! Had dreams all night of being fucked by shemales..when I woked up I turned the vibrator on and streamed a great shemale fucked fest and masturbated for over an hour and finally took dildo out of my pissy hole and vibrated my shemale cock until I came big time then fingered my hole with my cum..being naughty and nasty is sooo much fun!

  • My neighbors son is Black 17 years old and quite the lover. He's been having sex with me now for 4 months almost daily say's he can't live wi8thout me. Last month he took my virgin ass and now he fucks me there every time we make love. Hard he's 11 3/8 th of a inch 2 3/8th of a inch across and he buries it all in me and I go nuts over him. The way he makes love to me and for how long it's mind blowing.

  • I'm spoiled I only like shemales to now to fuck my pussy hole and my beautiful shemale friends love my beautiful cock fucking them..there training me to be true to my desire to be a shemale with them..we still bring into our group lesbians to fuck and to suck our cocks..having a gay great time and we have been videos or orgies to put out to our favorite porn sites...we're all free of covid-19 and HIV so no condoms are necessary..just cumming in bums and pussies with restrictions..it doesn't get any better when there all beautiful!!!

  • I love she males too! Gods gift!!

  • I don't believe you sissy boy.

  • I do. Think he'll let me watch if I promise to lick it off. I love the flavor of shit and ass.

  • I know how you feel. I was proud when I took ten inches up mine. At first I practiced a lot with a dildo, then one day I met a guy who had 10 inches and I took all of his ten inches and made him cum too. After that I knew I was a good sissy.

  • Wow. I am being asked to take it up the ass. Any tips?

  • Take it baby.....

  • First of all, how do you feel about being asked/?? Does it make you feel good?? Is this your first time?? Is it a male or female doing the asking??

  • Do it its great. I was taken by older men when i was 15. Sore at first but boy what a feeling when it gets stretched and u feel that thing filling u uo. It burns when they start and u feel like pooping but clean out b4 u start n be fine. I love to feel him cum in my bum its so good feeling hot spunk dripping out your open arsehole. I want to be used. Any offers...

  • Don't use anything that is sharp.

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