Camping sex

This story would be pretty long except I shortened it quite a bit so you all didn't get bored with details.

My boyfriend and I went camping last weekend after they finally lifted the lockdown. We took our tent and found a place along the river down a farmers road. We spent the day fishing and generally fucking around. It was getting to be around 5pm when I was feeling a little frisky. I had been pulling at my boyfriends shorts all day and I really wanted a little action now.

We started kissing and one thing led to another and before I knew it we were both naked. My boyfriend has an amazing tongue and is incredibly gifted at using it. So I am laying on the blanket on my back with my legs spread and my boyfriend doing his magic. My eyes are closed, I'm in the groove, and I'm having an earthshaking orgasm. You know, the kind where every muscle in your body is shaking and you can't breathe.

I was just coming out of the orgasm and thinking to myself how amazing it was when I opened my eyes to see a man standing next to us watching. I shouted what the hell as I sat up and tried to cover myself with my shirt. My boyfriend got up in preparation to fight, but quickly changed his approach when he saw who it was. Evidently it was his work buddy who he had invited out to go fishing with us. He texted my boyfriend earlier in the day and said he couldn't make it, but then was able to, so he just showed up.

My boyfriend, still naked mind you, introduced him to me. I shook his hand while still trying to cover myself with my shirt. It didn't work to well and my shirt slipped between my breasts exposing them again. I asked him how long he had been watching. He said "since probably the first 'oh my God' you let out." I was so imbaresed.

So my boyfriends work buddy has now seen me full naked, full orgasm, and I don't even really know the guy. My boyfriend acted like it was no big deal and just laughed it off. Knowing how guys think, they better not get any ideas about me having sex with him. I'm not interested. Only reason I decided to post about it is because I'm sure you guys will get a kick out of it, but NO I will NOT be having sex with him. So don't even ask.

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  • I grew to learn that if my husband took me to a nude beach, chances were VERY high that he had invited a friend or coworker to show up, say Hi and see me naked. The first time I wasn't expecting it at all and I believed it was a freak accident. I wasn't happy but I was a good sport. When we got home I rode him hard. He must have took that as secret approval because nearly every time we went to a nude beach we'd run into another person he knew. After enough times I called him on it and he admitted he worked hard to get a new person to meet me while we were all nude. He said he couldn't explain WHY but he loves the way I look naked and wants everyone to get to know me naked. Basically, he's hoping I'll eventually be comfortable to be a nudist around all his fully dressed friends and coworkers. I'm not there yet. I may never be

  • One woman to an other, I’d use this as an excuse to get a mfm going

  • Never had two guys at once. So I'm not sure I would like it. Have you done it before? What was it like?

  • Don't worry about it. Don't worry about covering up either. My wife and I go on fishing trips with my buddy and his wife in their trailer and it's not that big, and yeah, we're naked in the morning and watch each other dress. Other than enjoying the eye candy, that's all that happens. Most people by far are not into sharing. Unless your boyfriend has some kink about it, I'd let it go.

  • Have sex with him while your boyfriend watches. Then your boyfriend will have sex with you and you will be giving him the gift of sloppy seconds. My wife always lets me do her after one of her boyfriends has finished in her. In fact, I only have sex with her after one of them has already had her. It is the best sex that you can give your boyfriend.

  • You know you wanted to fuck both of them. Don't even pretend you didn't.

  • Still though...

  • But why not? He's already seen the goods.

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