Closeted mwm sissy crossdresser...I love cock

Hi I must confess... I am a mwm and a closeted sissy crossdresser.. I am no longer intereseted in PUSSY I only want COCK, Men/TS/TV/CD and sissies... I think I have always wanted this... but I watch sooo many sissy hypno videos that I have become a secret Crossdresser and I have sooo many of my own sissy stuff.... 5 slutty short dresses lots of of lingerie frilly sissy skimpy panties some crotchless some assless I have a pink maid outfit really slutty.. a sissy school girl outfit..micro mini plaid skirt and halter top.. 4 pair of strappy 5" heels ... I am very Partial to PINK.... a pink wig a pink and white butt plug tails tittie nipple pumps and a cock pump numerous vibrators a tens unit and fleshlight and My favorite is a 9" x 6" diameter silicone cock suction cum dildo. I use it in my silkys smooth fem asspussy and can take the whole thing ohhh it feels soooo good. and I am learning to deep throat it without gagging. I am 5'6" 146 lbs Fully shaved and lotioned daily... I am soo ready for REAL COCK now..ORAL ANAL and YESSSSSS only BAREBACK I am in Buffalo, NY No the WIFE nor anyone else Know. seanette55 @ outlook .com

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  • Good for you it is fun

  • I just posted and came after reading all the comments and dildoing my pussy whole and rubbing my dildo on my cock after being in my anus until I came and kept cumming just being a little 132p 28 w 5-8 little girly sissy whore..A want to be shemale that's me!!!

  • I hear you..I'm into shemale training and just love watching shemales fucking shemales and lesbians and compilations of shemale cum shots and I'm dildoing my pussy whole with a special crystal filled dildo now as I masturbate in cum filled panties preparing myself for my beautiful shemale friend to cum and play with me in my girly outfit..and wow shemales are the best to be fucked and to fuck and suck and masturbate with!!!

  • I am no longer married but I was a sissy cocksucker. I confessed to my ex and she threw me out cant blame her

  • If you actually knew anything about mwm, you would know the men are not gay. They're not even bisexual.

  • Try it .... once You suck a COCK You are HOOKED I have been married to the same woman for 42 yrs.. I am a mwm but I LOVE COCK TOO... its not gay its sex its pleasure it is FUN.... Why You gotta post nasty shit... why are You here? Are You Secretly Lusting for some DELICIOUS COCK... Seanette... Let me suck your cock for YOU... You will be Amazed

  • Calm down cupcake, no one posted "nasty shit". You need a safe space for a good cry?
    Again, you are not mwm if you like sucking cock.
    Man-Woman-Man (mwm), means the woman in the middle receives all the attention while to two men on the outside pay no attention to eachother.
    Man-Man-Woman (mmw), means the other man is receiving all the attention from you and the woman.
    Hence why I said if you actually knew anything about mwm, you would know the men are not gay. You like sucking dick, good for you, that makes you a mmw. Next time use the correct acronym, you dumbshit.

  • Ok shithead... MWM is Married white Man so shut the fuck up ! I am still man enough to kick the shit out of YOU...

  • Lol, in your dreams little faggot.

  • Why would You be reading this if you too want to suck cock...closeted homo aren't You..hahahhahahaha

  • Married man here. I fantasize about meeting someone like you.

  • If Your near Buffalo... Let me make You Fantasy come true.. You will be Amazed and Fullfilled

  • Hmmm ?

  • Hummm YES just email if Near I can show You how good a CD SISSY CAN REALLY BE.... Seanette

  • I wanna fuck u

  • Ok where are You I submit ..ummm yesssss write me

  • You mean you haven't had a real cock inside you yet!!!? You will love it, especially all dressed up in your silkies.
    I am a tranny and I have been fucking my neighbour for nearly two years now, he's retired and married but loves me to dress fifties style with nylon silky schoolgirl knickers, lacy bra and stockings held with suspenders, a see-through chiffon blouse and a floaty flirty swing skirt complimented with a full soft net petticoat. He is a naughty man he says it reminds him of when he was a boy looking up girls skirts.
    He has an enormous "donger", I thought I couldn't take it at first, but i was so eager, that I sat on it with a lot of gel and got it into my bum. I love riding him and he loves me to lift my skirt and petti over his face while we fuck so he can watch my cock and knickers.
    We shag regularly even with all the restrictions that we have now, he can't get enough of me and I adore it.

  • OHH You Lucky Girl , I am soo jealous I so want a fuck buddy a man another sissy /CD/TRANS I want cock so bad...OHHH MY Man cunt is soo hungry for real cock.. I can take 9" and 6" diameter now so I can go bigger I JUST WANT IT SO BADLY...

  • You are really naughty aren't you. You will adore a nice throbbing erect cock while you are dressed in your silky girly clothes. Bend over lift your dress, pull your silky knickers aside and part your cheeks and feel the hot throbbing member as it pushes against your anus, BLISS!!!!!!!
    That is just a pre-taste of what comes next. You gel your bum.
    You feel so submissive, like a little girl, you are dressed in your silkies and aroused. Your big bear is naked and aroused. You kiss, cuddle and caress each other, feeling his erection against you through your silky dress, he pulls you back onto the bed and you climb on top placing your legs either side of his thighs, you are now in charge and he wants you so badly.
    As he caresses your stockinged thighs you adjust your dress pulling it up above your knickers so he can see your own erection. You can feel that big throbbing cock beneath you, lifting yourself up, you part your cheeks and take his cock and thread it gently into your anus and lower your self down onto him. You now have him at your mercy.
    You can now ride him as you desire, the thrill is bliss, your own erection is riding up and down against the silky feeling of your knickers and you want to cum into them but you mustn't and every time your big bear is reaching climax you must slow down, that is part of the thrill, the control!!!!

  • OHH you made me CUM ohh YES YESS YESSSS this is what I want I crave I yearn for...ohhh I will be the best fuck of Your life..Totally open to anything.. ohh yes I want this soo Sissy seanette55 @ outlook . com Buffalo/Tonawanda, NY write me I want to meet someone and be their fuck dolly;.

  • I would love to fuck your ass bareback while your dressed up. U sound so sexy.

  • I want it sooo badly Seanette ... People should post their first name so I know who is who... I want some emails I want someone nearby I want this ...ohh I am really good...

  • Oh!! Seanette darling you really sound gorgeous, we would be sooooo! good together, fucking in our silkies, caressing, kissing, rolling around on my big bed together, with our erect penises pushing against each others in our knickers!!!!

  • Seanette55 @ outlook . com write I need to Play I love to Play to submit to worship the COCK Buffalo, NY

  • OHH PLEASE DO .. anywhere Near BUFFALO, NY ?

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