I tried to have sex for money but got used instead

When I was 14 I pretended to be 19 on a sugar daddy site. I was desperate for cash and needed to pay for AP exams, and heard that becoming a sugar baby would help me. I did some research but I wasn’t aware of shadier individuals on the site and got used instead.

I had my first PPM offer on a phone call while I was in a coffee shop studying, he said he wanted to come over to see me tonight. I said no several times because I didn’t know him, it started at $300, he kept upping the price until it hit $1000 and I could refuse. The man was about 45ish, and rented a little house to stay in for the night. We went on a date downtown and ate sweets, and had little dinner, and I gave him my paypal info for him to deposit money in. He showed me the screen and it showed $1000 was being sent.

When we got to his place we went into the swimming pool and awkwardly sat as he inches closer and closer, then made me place my hand on his shorts. He whispered in my ear “You’re really cute, I’ve never seen someone your age look so young” he said he had a gift for me in the bedroom, and had bought me a black teeny lingerie. It was too big for me but he tightened it a lot. I didn’t know he expected sex, but he insisted he already paid for me and it was normal.

This man was enourmous, it felt like a fist was going through me, hung like a porn star- even years later I’ve never in my life seen someone that size. We did it raw,it took a lot of effort just to get his tip in. We did it in holes, and he even had planB pill so that he can cum in me. I didn’t like it, he was sweaty and old, and it hurt like hell because there was no foreplay or lube.

Unfortunately at the end he blocked me and never actually sent the PayPal amount. I learned my lesson and now I’m better at keeping a spine and knowing when something feels wrong.


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