Sex On the Rag

So I had sex on my period last night. My boyfriend and I were watching YouTube in bed together, and his hand goes to my leg. He begins to rub my thigh and I do the same. I'm horny, I'm on my period for fuck's sake. So yeah, I'll amuse him and play along. Pretty soon I'm giving him a handjob and he asks if I can put it in. I let him know of "THE SITUATION", but he assures me that it's a mess he's prepared to make. I pull my pants and underwear down. I roll on my side, he lifts my leg, and he fucks my bleeding pussy. I thought it would be painful because...obviously, cramps. But it felt great, and it helped me relieve some of my cramps. He fucks me hard and cums inside of me. Then he has me roll on my back. He eats me out for a good half hour. We have round two and then we fall asleep.

Don't worry guys, he did the laundry this morning.

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  • We got pregnant that way!

  • My wife never made that an issue. Even the first month we dated. She just said do you have an old towel. We made due with a newish one. been using it for years. We take it on vacation. And she's like a Dollar Night Whore on the rag.

  • I love period sex! Had a girlfriend who used to love getting it at that time of the month. I only regret not going down on her and "earning my red wings", I was young and too easily grossed out at the time. :(

  • I'm a 2x charter Red Wing Club member. Wife and old girlfriend. Wife, "that's dirtier than a blowjob, but I like that -- good boy."

  • I had an ex that loved to bang on the rag! It was pretty great cause she didn’t get very heavy flows (so still a bit of a mess but nothing crazy) the extra wetness makes for wonderful lube! I Miss her sometimes!

  • A girl I used to date and I would have sex at least once a day. It never bothered her, so it never bothered me.
    No redwings though, just a redcock.
    My wife doesn't have those, long story, so we don't have to worry about it.

  • I still have sex with my wife is on her period we love it.

  • Yeah, it's pretty messy. I always do my wife in the ass when she's on the rag. That's about the only time she lets me in the backdoor, unless she's really wasted on good smoke and alcohol.

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