My boyfriend has a small dick

I can barely feel him inside of me. I have to pretend that it's fine but I think he knows how tired I am of faking these orgasms. He doesn't even try to get me off, or have the common decency to use a dildo instead. Sometimes I pretend I'm sick just to not have sex with him. I need a good cock, not some bullshit 4 incher :/

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  • I remember reading the ads on a condom machine as I washed my hands. It claimed one brand was " extra-ribbed for her pleasure " Somebody had scratched beside that, " Fuck HER pleasure ! " That sums up my feelings for you.

  • Fingers and tongues are nimbler than a dick, not that you deserve pleasure, being a cunt rag.

  • You have 2 choices:
    1) Dump him. It’s not nice if you do over his small dick but if it is that important to you, which it appears it is you will be doing both of you a favor.
    2) Or you could take the mature and adult approach and talk to him. But don’t be mean. You’re dating him so hopefully you care a little about him and his feelings. Remember, he didn’t choose to be small. He got a shitty DNA draw.

  • You should talk to him about how to make sex more satisfying, but don't make fun of his dick. That's really mean.

  • Sorry to hear that. He needs to learn how spend a lot of time on foreplay. Can he make you orgasm when he stimulates you orally?

  • I have big one

  • Yeah, 4 inches is a little bit on the small side. Sounds like your boyfriend needs to get himself a baseball bat and shove it up your ass for being such a bitch.

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