Sex in church

I have a sexual fantasy about having sex in a church. I think about fucking a woman in an empty church. Have her cumming and squirting all over my face. Also have her squirting and cumming over statue of Jesus, whilst we both scream obscene blasphemies.

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  • I went to a religious school from 7th grade through 12th. My first girlfriend I made out with and I fingered her in the lower schools chapel. Oh yes boy was that fun. We were attending a school function on a Friday evening. It was dark in the chapel and seemed like the perfect place. I really wanted to fuck her on the pew. They were padded and soft. God I wanted her sexy pussy. I didn't stop there either. She broke up with me a few months later after I had fucked her several times at my parents house and at her house. To get even with her I took my next girlfriend to the ex girlfriends church where we fucked on the church playground in the summer. Yes I didn't care I would fuck anywhere anytime. Later after I had graduated from the school I returned with a girl who went to the same school. We found a ladder and made our way to inside of the second floor of the high school. There we roamed the dark hallways and we fucked in the teachers lounge on the sofa. It was a big thrill going back to our Baptist Church School and getting busy. We even got totally naked and ran up and down the hallways kissing and fondling each other. She even sucked my cock while I laid down on one of the chemistry classroom center labs. It was a blast doing this. Oh if they only knew what we had done. Shame they didn't have cameras.

  • I had a sexual experience in a church broom closet when I was a kid, so maybe that’s why I also have a fuck fantasy for church. I picture a man I don’t know who cares who he is but he sits by me in the pew, then pulls me forcefully on to his lap, onto his cock, and holds me as I wriggle, and cums in me, then let’s me run away

  • At least the priest had the decency to shove you into a broom closet, first.

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