I want to suck cock

I'm not attracted to men, I have no desire to kiss or cuddle with a guy. However, I want to suck a nice cut cock. I'm the dominate one in my marriage, I love taking control but, I want to submit to someone. Get on my knees and suck a cock, lick balls, slobber on it and taste and swallow cum. I want to stoke it. It feels liberating just writing this down.
Anyone else have this desire, is this normal. I would like to fulfill this fantasy of mine with a disease free clean cock.

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  • Would love having sucking my beautiful cock while wearing your wife's panties...momspantysniffer

  • I would have to agree, if you can find a beautiful shemale to share your cocks with each other -you will not forget it, they are gals that have a dick and they know to use it in most sensual way...how do I know I am one-that's how I know.We are out there ready to please!

  • Yes, I agree. That would be the perfect encounter for me. Shemales are a huge turn on for me.

  • I enjoy the rim part and having my pussy hole licked and tongued , I'm particular...I've only allowed shemales to go there and they are the best at fucking and licking my sweet spot!!!

  • I want to fuck a man's ass.

  • You are not alone my sexy brother. I love sucking other men's cocks. It's very liberating to do this for another man. I love having a nice set of balls in my mouth also. That and I rim too. Love licking asshole. Give it a try. You might just find you love it. Can't hurt you know. Anyhow get on your knees and take a nice yummy penis in your warm wet mouth.

  • I feel like I am looking into a mirror reading this.

  • Same thing but I need a dom to take control and use my mouth making me drunk his cum

  • Yep, same here. My wife allows me to put a blind fold on and rub myself through my panties while she pounds my mouth with a dildo. Feels so hot, but never get that final taste of warm cum in back of throat.

  • That's cock worship, and it's more common than you think. I'm the same way. No kissing, please, maybe some cuddling, and no holding hands. I like sucking cock, taking it in the ass, and I love my cock sucked, but not fucking male ass. I'd rather save any ass-fucking for women who don't necessarily want it.

  • Hmmm . im thinking ?

  • I'm near Mansfield Oh. We could meet as long as I can suck you too. I've got the same desire.

  • Let’s meet at McDinalds in town

  • Hope your desire comes true for you , colorado here .

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