I almost had sex with my mom but did other things

I always admired her. She had very big round breast and bottom and always wore suits. I admired her especially when she was bending over.

Being a divorced woman she devoted her life to raise the three of us and since the only time I didn't see her was when she was working, I am sure that 100% she hasn't had sex in years.
Anyway but in the 90's the Walkman's just caught up in the country I live. So that day I left school early due to a teacher took a day off so I went home. It was the time she was working, she was also a teacher and what I forgot was that, that day at the school she was teaching it was a local day off. So I opened the door, took my cloths off as and hit the shower. There she was, fully naked, I was fully naked as well. This beautiful woman, with this big round breast and full hair vagina. My cock was very very hard. She looked at it and smiled and said "Well, It seems to be that I did a very good job". She got close to me, got on her knees and said "What ever happens, never ask to fuck me, ok??I don't want that" I said "OK" so she sucked me off until I came in her mouth. She smiled and said "That's a good boy".

Now from time to time we did had oral sex, giving, receiving or both, we at some time watched the neighbors had sex and masturbated each other, but we never actually had intercourse, until one day that we almost did.
By that time we moved into a bigger house and I chosen a room that had a door to the road so I can get out and go on with out my mom noticing. My brother left, my sister went away to a university so it was me and my mom. At my job I met this gorgeous girl and when I told her that I am leaving work, I need to move on, she asked if she could come to my house for a goodbye. I said "Yeah, come tonight at 22:00" .
She arrived went into my room we started touching and licking each other. At some point as she was giving me a blowjob I saw my mom at the corner fully naked watching us and masturbating. I said nothing, just enjoyed the moment, then when the girl laid and opened her legs my mom spoke out. "Are you ok??I hear noises" So the girls jumped putted her dress and grabbed everything else and left. Then my mom got in the room naked. "What does she has that I don't" she said "Nothing, you know you are the most beautiful woman, not just for me, also as a woman (She was a 9 out of 10). She laid down, opened her legs, masturbated her pussy and said "Fuck me, fuck me hard". So i went on top of her, put my cock inside of her and went full in. She gasped but before I made a second move she said "NO!It's wrong, please stop"and she pushed me away. So I got out and that was it. We continued for a while to have oral and hand sex but we stopped eventually.


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  • It's a shame she changed her mind. It sounds as if your relationship could have grown substantially if she had let you fuck her

  • Yeah, but what can you do. Take it as it comes

  • I agrer

  • I agree!!

  • Sorry doesn't sound convincing

  • Well what question would you might have that I might be able to address

  • You told a story rather than a reflection of what actually happened. It's a giveaway

  • Firstly the facts are facts. No matter if I always loved to story tell events of my life, the facts will never change.
    Secondly if I would of made it up, why would I stop before actually having sexy with my mom

  • If it's true then I'm sorry. In your post it was your mom that said stop not you. So let's say you are telling the truth, I can't understand why you and your mom aren't having sex? You clearly both want to. What's the problem?

  • Why aren't we are having sex. Well she died 2-3 years later after that night.

    But still I don't know if we would of been having sex even if she was alive. There was a reason why she asked me to pull out and there was a reason why she was so horny to start this oral pleasure to begin with.

    I don't know where you are from so I will guess the US. Where I live, in Cyprus is a very very small island. Like 900.000 total people living here at the time. At the 90's were she got a divorce I think it was like 500.00-600.000. Take into consideration two things. One that we lived in a small village, 2.000 people and about 12.000 in the total of the providence. This is important so remember this.

    Now at the time, the 90's getting a divorce was a bit accepted in the big towns but in the small villages it was not so. Plus the church was opposing divorces, my country wasn't so much as a secular country as it is now. In order to get a divorce back then, the church had to accept it as well and alot of times it didn't accept them and always took the church 3-5 years to issue one. Also people were influenced by the church so to NOT to accept divorcees. You could of gotten stigmatized by getting a divorce.

    Allthough my father wasn't violent, he did got drunk from time to time and led to fights with my mom. So she was taking us to police station to be protected. Alot of times there were other woman there. One thing I will never forget, there was this woman, beaten up and the police officer called her parents to come and pick her up. Once her family arrived schooled her to think of her self and her children and get back to her husband. (As I noted this was in small villages, in towns it was more acceptable)

    Now my mom had a very good job. In the government. I don't know how the government workers are in the US but here is your dream to work for the government. No matter if you are productive or not, you get paid........

  • Almost every year you get a raise and after some years you get promoted even if you do nothing, plus you can't get fired. As an example in the pandemic even if alot of them never went to work for 2-3 months they still got paid. So my mom loved her job and also she loved the benefits. So it took her a while to get the divorce. It was around 93-94 that it was a little bit more acceptable so she wouldn't lose her job. (You could of gotten fired if you were stigmatized)

    But she was always consered about that. She was dressing sexy, not because she wanted to, but she got really big round tits and no matter she wore it was obvious. At her job she had to be presentable, she couldn't just dressed in old saggy cloths so it was inevitable not to dress sexy.

    So you get the idea of how life was back then. So being worried not to be stigmatized she avoided relationships. I can estimate that she did had sex from time to time but it was rare, like 2-4 times a year. So she was a woman she was horny so it ended up were we got. Even the oral sex we had it was like 4-5 times in total for some years. So I am guessing she asked me to pulled out because she thought of the consequences.

  • Ok, at least when she said stop you stopped. I'm sorry to that your mom has passed away but you must have wonderful memories from the experiences you had with her. Shame you two didn't progress to intercourse with birth control.

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