Afraid I'll never fuck a black woman

I'm scared to hell that I will never fuck a black woman. I'm a white guy. They just aren't in my region much and the few who are aren't into it. It's like Ahab and his search for the White Whale.

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  • I’ve had sex with 3 black females so far, they have been great lovers, none of them liked to swallow. My only complaint is that when I deposit a load inside them, it smells like a fish market, a fish market with rotten fish. Now I’ve had sex with white, Spanish, and Asian females and left a deposit as well, and none of them smelled afterwards

  • What the FUCK you want a fuck a goddamn jigaboo for anyway? Don't you know they're all fucking greasy from all that shit they put in their nappy hair?
    Fuckin Nigs

  • There aren't tons of them, but there are some that are very attractive. I would love to fuck Halle Berry.

  • Fuck yeah, it's all pink in the middle. 😛

  • I'm white and have a very big cock, as big as any black guys. I love picking up hot black chicks and just fucking their brains out. It makes me feel like I'm getting even somehow.

  • Lets swap. I'm a large Afro American male 6ft. 6in. and married to a small woman. I would love to fuck a sexy white wife. I think I must be one of the few of my race that have not been with a white woman. So lets swap. You can fuck my wife. She is really dark and has very sexy large breast now swollen with milk from having our third child. She has an ass that won't quit. Her muff is nice and thick and her pussy soft and pink. Nice large brown asshole and likes it up the butt.

  • I might if I was married.

  • That’s all right, I had a black girlfriend already, I tell you that black women are not so great, only good thing about them is the Pussy and M.C ( my underage crush) , so good luck in F-ing a black woman.

  • Good luck, man. There is nothing like being a white dude and slipping into wet, black pussy and hearing her talk in ebonics. The best.

  • I was adlfraid I’d never fuck a black guy and it was so easy and so disappointing

  • I’m white and I’d love to fuck a light skinned black girl with a huge curly fro. I have sucked a black girls tits one time

  • Why do you want to fuck a black woman if they're not in your religion? Why are you afraid you'll never fuck one? Maybe you should try a black/white mix.

  • He said region not religion

  • Oh, sorry about that

  • Why in the fuck would you want to fuck a kneegress? They all stink and have huge vaginas that only fit a horse or a knee grow. Find yourself a nice White woman.

  • Grow up you fucking biased racist cunt. come up out of your mothers basement and join the real world fuckhead.

  • Can’t stand black peoples’re not alone

  • Keep looking ! they are out there ....

  • Just remember that Ahab's obsession with finding that white whale killed his single-minded ass. " Oh, hootchie mama, oh ye dammid hootchie mama ! "

  • You could always use blackface. Provided the blacks don't get all offended like they normally do over EVERY fucking thing.

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