Sex game gone wrong

My boyfriend and I used to play sex games with our friends. Many times we would play strip poker, truth or dare, or some game the eventually ended with us all getting drunk and naked. I used to have a great time with my boyfriend and our friends. Most of the guys in our circle have either had sex with me or been very close to have sex. The night it all ended, including my relationship with all of them was the night I was used and abused.

The night started like so may others. Drinking, stripping, and sexual games. I was feeling pretty drunk after having lost several games in a row. Most of my friends had been coping cheap feels with the slip of a finger here or there. Honestly I didn't mind, it was all in good fun. The more the night drug on, the more hammered I got until I vaguely recall the event that unfolded.

I remember starting a game of truth or dare. Typically game, a feel here or there, and maybe a fuck here or there for a minute. Most of us girls were drunk and agreed to do pretty much anything dared of us. It was my turn and I of course took a dare. Looking back I shouldn't have agreed to do it, but the dare was to let the guys tie me bent over to the table out front with my behind facing the street. I first remember saying no, but the guys assured me know one would see because it was well past midnight by this point. I agreed to do it for 15 minutes, but they talked me into 30 minutes.

We went out on the porch and I laid across the table with my behind facing out. They tied my hands and legs to the table and everyone proceeded back inside leaving me alone. I have no idea how long I was there, but it was long enough that I dosed off. I awoke later to someone rubbing my ass and I assumed it was one of the guys who had come to untie me. I was wrong. A stranger who I had never seen before was rubbing my ass. I told him to stop but he didn't. Instead he shoved a sock in my mouth and proceeded to fuck me. He grabbed my ass in both hands and slammed me from behind. I could do nothing except lay bent over the table letting this stranger have his way with me.

It didn't last long, thankfully he was done in a few seconds, but the commotion of the table hitting the house got a friends attention inside and they came to untie me. By then the stranger had finished and ran off. I was so upset they left me tied out for so long that I hated everyone. I broke up with my boyfriend and refused to see any of my friends. I don't blame anyone except myself for letting myself be so stupid, but I will never have anything to do with that group of friends again.

The bad thing is my fantasy since that night has been to let another stranger have his way with me. I'm so confused why my fantasy is now what was so traumatic back then. I miss my old friends and logic would say I should go back, but I just can't. I can never be friends with them again.


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  • You should re-friend at least one of them so they can tie you naked to that table on your porch, and that stranger can happen upon your shining ass, once again. Lovers re-united, at last ! How romantic ! Then, tell the re-friend to fuck off !

  • I really enjoyed your pussy the last time. How about we get together again and spend the whole night fucking?

  • Two pump chump; No thanks. I need a real man, not some small dick who can't satisfy me or even last longer than two pumps.
    Move along little peter!

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