Quarantine horny

I'm a 14 y/o male and I've been wanting an older guy to take my a*** virginity, teach me how to suck d***, and maybe even return the favor by letting me f*** but its most likely just a fantasy

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  • I'm an old guy of 72 and have long had the fantasy of sucking off a young boy 12/14 and having him cum in my mouth. He is wearing cut off denim shorts and lets me slip my hand up the leg so I can have a nice fiddle to get him stiff and wet beforehand.

  • I love homo talk. Lets get together and have some fun. Fag boy you'd love my ole monster meat I have just for you. It's only 6 and a half inches long but it's nice and fucking fat. One fag said it was an oil can, lol. Can you imagine my ole man meat filling your young hot sexy asshole? I can, he he !

  • I'm 17 is that old enough? I would love to teach you all that I know. My long 8 inch cock right up your poop shoot. Then I'll pull out and shove my dirty shit covered cock in your warm wet mouth till I fill you full of my yummy sweet seed. I love fucking curious little faggots like you. I would stretch your virgin rectum all out of shape. Your little boy pussy would gobble up my young throbbing boner so nicely. How about it? Want to be my little cum swallowing bitch?

  • I'm a 40 year old female English teacher. Why don't you let me come over and use my 13 inch black strap on to destroy your virgin asshole for you. Then you can fuck me with your little cock and eat my sexy hairy pussy. What do you think are you interested? I'm fucking so horny and not married. Haven't seen my fucking boyfriend in about three months since this bullshit started due to covid 19.

  • Please email address

  • Do you fuck a lot of 14-year-old boys?

  • Don't do it. Trust me when I say this. Please find something else to do to pass the time. I was 15 when I was first forced by an older man that I trusted. It has really messed me up my whole fucking life. I even tried to take advantage of a kid in my neighborhood. I stopped short of doing anything but it scares me. I was raped by this older man and he showed me what was what. Oral sex and rectal sex along with other things I don't like to talk about. Stop and get help. It's a terrible way to live. Sometimes I feel like killing myself. Mostly when I feel these impulses to hurt others who are venerable.

  • I’m 50 and would love to fuck your virgin ass. I’m not much into sucking but u can suck me. I would love to lick your virgin ass then fuck it. I don’t know if you’re into wearing panties but that’s a turn on. Let me know with a response. Even if you just tease me.

  • You fucking sicko MF'er. I hope your dick falls off. Bastard!

  • Yes I wear my mums panties and stockings

  • I wear my dads after he ejaculates and shits his underpants. I love how it feels all on my freshly shaved scrotum.

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